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    Crucial Mx100 or M550 which to go for

    Hi there Not to interested in windows 8 as windows 10 is out this year. Also I never leave the server running as its just a waste. I use the server for storage
  2. Hi there I was wanting the best drive for my server as I want the best boot times for windows 7 pro as windows is to problematic waking from sleep as I have a lot of drives in there. so I have been looking into some crucial drives as I have had them in the past and are a good drive but I can not make my mind up in which one to buy the Mx100 256gb or the M550 128gb. I know the size is different but it seems the 128gb mx100 is a lot slower and the 256gb version is nearly the same specs as the 128gb m550 drive but I still don't know which drive is the better drive for speed and performance as I need a real fast boot drive as it takes 1min and 5 sec from power of to windows 7 on a normal hardrive. thanks for any info and help thanks
  3. meridiusuk

    selling drive best way of formatting drive

    thanks both so there the nest options i just wanted to make sure the data can not be recovered thats all thoguht there might of been a windows 7 pro util that did it
  4. Hi all I am selling a hardrive and wanted to know what is the best way to format a drive so it can not be recovered at all by the other buyer. thaks for the help
  5. meridiusuk

    Samsung 2TB Drive Faulty Help ?

    I dont have a vendor as i built the system myself its a asus motherboard with a seasonic 850 gold psu and a i3 3.3ghz its just a pc with lots of drives but its my server as i just run it as a server.
  6. meridiusuk

    Samsung 2TB Drive Faulty Help ?

    Hi there I have not tried the diagnostic or SMART will look into that one to try and see if there is any errors. I dont use raid i just have each drive on its own. the drive that keeps disappearing has been tried on 2 different motherboard controllers. i have 4 samsung F4 2TB drives which one of them keeps disappearing and 2 3TB WD green drives which i am going to be adding and buying a 4TB green or red soon I have not decided on which yet as i dont run raid or have a nas and i dont know if its worth getting a red over a green. I dont know if the samsung f4 2TB or WD 3TB greens support TLER ? but its strange to be the same drive all the time and never the other drives When the drive disappears i try a reboot of the windows 7 by using restart and the computer boots backup and the drive is still not there. I have tried putting the computer into sleep mode and bring it back out of sleep mode and the drive is stil not there i have to do a full power off and power back on for the drive to come back. its liek the drive is stuck in off mode or somthing untill i turn the computer fully off and back on. then it will work for a few days no problems and then it happens again.
  7. Hi all So i am going to get a 4TB WD but i dont know which drive is best the greens or the reds. I dont have a NAS just a PC with lots a hardrives in there and acts as a server. can anyone help of give me some info on what drives ok. I have a couple of WD 3TB greens but i can not seem to find any reviews of the 4TB greens just the reds. thanks for any help
  8. Hi all Got a server and one of my samsung F4 seems to be going as every so often when the sever comes out of standby the drive is not there and I have to do a full power off for it to come back. It seems to be doing it more and more and i have tried a different cable and sata port and its still doing it if i restart windows the drive is still not there but if i power the system off and power it back up the drive comes back. (people might be able to help me on that ?) tried updating the bios tried a different sata cable tried a different sata controller on the motherboard. have 6 drives in total and seems to be the same drive doing it all the time well at least every 1 out ofevery 10 times I wake the pc from sleep. anyone have any input of thoughts thanks
  9. thanks what about 5400rpm drives in the 2tb range would they be better than a 7200rpm drive at 1tb ?
  10. Hi all I have had 2 samsung f3 1TB drives for a few years and I was wanting to replace them with much better drives. I want better transfers and speed as I will be buying 2 drives. I had a SSD for my boot drive but the samsungs seem slow when unpacking and moving files about from drive to drive and wanted something much better if poss. what would be better than these drives thanks
  11. Tip: click inside this box to load the editoranyone i herd theres problems with the green dirves and head parking
  12. which drive then a 3tb green or red ? I have herd the reds are built better and alot cooler. I would of thought WD would let users use these as single drives ?
  13. I don't think I could trust seagate as I have herd there not the best drives. I was wondering if you could us reds as single drives as I have herd that these need to be as a pair as I read ths on another forum WD Red drives wouldn't be recommend in a non-RAID setup really, as it has time limited error recovery. In a RAID setup another drive will supply the data instead. In a non-redundant setup, you want the drive to try for as long as it can to get any data (usually). What you think ?