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  1. Now I'm thoroughly confused:

    I did some drive swapping and put the suspect drive on IDE 0 along with the boot drive. Worked fine. I then put the drive back on IDE 1 and it still works. In fact, I'm typing this now after that same successful boot.

    No BIOS problems.

    No strange noises.

    No mystery death at POST.

    Something MUST be awry, and it could be any one of three components: Drive, Controller or Cable.

    I don't think it's a mechanical failure because I'm sitting here lightly manipulating the drive (which is hanging out of the case by its power and ATA cables) and everything is still fine. The ATA cable - which I have "rounded" by hand by making 5-wire bundles - I've inspected thoroughly and there are no exposed conductors or signs of abuse of any kind. I'm bending and twisting it with the computer powered on to no ill effect.

    Any suggestions?


  2. I just got off the phone with a 24-hour data recovery lab's night-guy. The lab they use is CPL. They're quite close to one of my suppliers and I can take the drive there myself personally.

    Damn thing's gonna cost me at least CAN$200 to fix. They claim and 85% recovery rate.

    I'm going to play my last card, here, and put the drive on another IDE channel in hopes that I've got a bad controller on this mobo.


  3. It's phenomenal timing, to be sure.

    I was in the middle of a game of Counter Strike and the map was changing when suddenly - and I mean just like that I heard "tchakka tchakka fvwheeeeeet... tchakka tchakka fvwheeeeeet..." being sounded over and over from my (open) case; my computer was frozen. At first I told myself it was my CD trying to spin up but I quickly came to my senses and killed the power.

    I powered back up after a few seconds and right away the hard drive started making the same noise. BIOS didn't see it and the computer froze during POST. I unplugged the suspect drive and disabled secondary IDE in the BIOS and my computer rebooted normally and now I'm here, typing this.

    I can't believe the timing here -- after the SR crash I made a point of starting my backup regimen again. I was about to back up my files immediately after I was done in Counter-Strike.

    The dying drive is a Maxtor DMP60 40GB, made in Singapore. I just put it in a few months ago. Again, the sound it makes is sort of like "trakka trakka fvwheeeeet..." Over and over again; The "trakka" component sounds like the actuator arms jumping and the "fvwheeeeet" is the drive spinning up and dying down very quickly -- at least that's what it sounds like to me.

    Guys, I'm literally shaking!

    Here I am, Mister self-proclaimed-backup-disciplinarian being caught with my pants down! But loss of face is the last thing on my mind now -- if this drive dies I'll have lost months of work. MONTHS! Not to mention my family's data.

    I'll take any advice you guys can offer!


  4. I use Dreamweaver, myself, but I only started using it well after I had done several pages longhand, and I can't imagine how I'd be creating sites now if I didn't know HTML. The last site I did was probably split 75/25 in favour of Dreamweaver. Mind you I probably could have done the whole thing without typing any code, but certainly not without a solid grounding in HTML, and definately not as fast -- some types of edits can be performed far faster longhand than through a GUI. Even if it's just a repetitive copy and paste deal you have to know where to drop the code.

    Thankfully, HTML is really very simple -- this coming from a guy who shudders at the prospect of having learning any programming language.

    Go the long route. It pays off in spades.


  5. If you run into any bugs, report them here.

    The single most irritating bug is probably the incredible churning sensation in my abdomen. As soon as I read the headline on the home page I felt my body temperature drop like that (my second reaction was to check the calendar. Is it April 1st already?)

    I feel as though I've just written zeros to a good chunk of my own memories; a dangerous thing when you consider that we're hardly anything more than a collection of our memories. Of course, MY memory haven't been wiped out - SR of old is still a smattering of bio/electrochemical reactions somewhere inside my cranium - but our collective memory has been flushed, which, I think, is equally troubling, in a way. Makes one realize just how volatile a medium this really is.

    Oh well. Here we go again.