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    Help Me Jimmy an AT Power Supply

    Are you sure? I thought so, too, but I Googled several articles saying that an AT PSU wants to see a load across the 5v pins. Nobody specifies which 5v pins, but a load, nonetheless. I guess I could just plug the sucker in and see if it makes my fans spin. Also, I've got 3 hard-drive type power connectors on the PSU and four fans to drive. Each fan wants 450mA. I haven't got a DMM handy; how much juice does each leg of the PSU carry? Can two fans be run at full from one connector? Piyono
  2. Piyono

    The good way to defrag a "motherdisc"

    Wow, what an improvement! I can't remember the last time my datamachine performed this well! I'm going to recommend this method of motherdisc defragmentation to all my friends and clients. They'll be thrilled! Piyono
  3. This just started today: I opened Excel and tried to load a file, whereupon it closed immediately. Just like that. It kept closing as soon as I opened it. I rebooted and it opened normally but then Word started behaving in the same way. Nutty! What's going on here? Office2K / Win2K Piyono
  4. One of my suppliers has started carrying S-ATA cables. I think I'll buy a couple as token of of my eagerness. Cart before the horse? Yeah, but whatcha gonna do. Piyono
  5. Piyono

    Word & Excel Close Upon Opening...

    You nailed it. I figured this out yesterday when I re-read one of the MSKB articles. The bogus key begins with GC6J3. I installed again using my own key and it worked. Was it a timed expiration on that key or did MS somehow criple all installations using that key, remotely? If it was the former, then they'd have been good to let people know of the coming consequence, and if the latter then just how did they manage to find this out? Piyono
  6. Piyono

    Word & Excel Close Upon Opening...

    I found two MSKB articles dealing with this problem and applied both of their solutions but neither helped. I also uninstalled/reg-cleaned/reinstalled Office but that didn't do it. I need this software at all times. Short of reformatting I don't know what to do. Piyono
  7. Piyono

    Word & Excel Close Upon Opening...

    Holding CTRL down didn't do anything, Frank. Merc, I'm running Office 2000, not XP -- there's no activation. It's legit (well, it's not cracked, anyway). I'll reinstall and see what happens. Piyono
  8. I've just sent my request in for an RMA on my second Viewsonic "Professional Series" P95F+ and am looking for a replacement. The new Samsung 957MB looks like a good candidate. Shadow mask with a nice, tight dot pitch, Nice refresh rates & resolution support, MagicBright, etc. CNet doesn't have a review up for this one yet. Anyone got their hands on one? Piyono
  9. Piyono

    Samsung's New Breed

    I don't much like NEC's reputation, and Mitsubishi branded monitors are too damn expensive. It's hard to find EIZO here in T.O. Samsungs, on the other hand, are inexpensive, readily available and solid performers... for the most part, anyway. But it looks like I'll have to wait on the 957MB -- nobody has any stock yet. Either that or I can get a 900NF. Piyono
  10. Piyono

    Raster to Vector image conversion

    Corel has a utility called Trace which ships with pretty much every version of CorelDRAW. Results, as with any other such software, are mixed, depending greatly on the source material's complexity and color content. Piyono
  11. I'm in and out of the loop when it comes to chipsets and CPUs, so I'm a bit vexed by Asus' teaser ad on their US home page. What's this new Intel hipset called and where can I find specs? Piyono
  12. The computer: Mobo: Gigabyte GA-7VAX Video: ATI Radeon7500 retail, latest Catalyst drivers RAM: 512MB generic Micron The Problem: When playing Half-Life the picture doesn't sit square in the screen at any resolution. It streches on the vertical axis and compresses on the horizontal. The higher the resolution the more severe the artifacts. 1024×768 displays at an 'acceptable' level distortion but it's quite clearly still afflicted. I've tried both OpenGL and DirectX. No luck. Help? Piyono
  13. A friend of mine has a problem with his machine, where it restarts itself during bootup. He says he's tried every startup mode, including safe mode to no avail -- it keeps restarting. What can I do, short of a complete reinstall of XP? Piyono
  14. Piyono

    XP Machine Won't Boot

    I don't know... My friend just phoned last night -- I haven't made the service call yet, and since I've not yet encountered this problem I thought I'd do a bit of research before I pay him a visit tonoght. Piyono
  15. Piyono

    You think you know someone...

    Oh, you were talking about a girl... Hmmm.... http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/006...2064865-2556868 Piyono
  16. Piyono

    XP Machine Won't Boot

    No no no -- the machine was already in service. Nobody's ever touched the innards. Must be something in software. Piyono
  17. Piyono

    New Intel Chipset - a big secret?

    Right, I found that, too... I was referring more to their reputation. Piyono
  18. Well, that certainly shows what I know! :oops: Piyono
  19. VIA don't make no boards. Piyono
  20. Piyono

    New Intel Chipset - a big secret?

    Who's Albatron? Piyono
  21. A power connector has been specified for S-ATA, but I'm sure there will be a generous grace period where drives will ship with both types, JIC. Down with the Molex connector! Piyono
  22. Piyono

    New Intel Chipset - a big secret?

    *ahem* "...new Intel Chipset..." Piyono
  23. Piyono

    1 Box, 37 OSs

    http://www.maximumpc.com/features/feature_...2002-09-24.html Piyono
  24. Piyono

    Large professional monitor, advice wanted

    Stay away from the Viewsonic P95F+. If my experience is anything to go by (which it very well might not be), this monitor suffers from lousy screen geometry and unnacceptable blurrieness at the edges. I'm RMA'ing my second one. I'm not buying a third one. Piyono
  25. Piyono

    rack mount server case questions

    There are shallow rack cases available, like this one: http://www.chenbro.com.tw/product/product....t.jsp?p=3&s=303 Keep in mind, however, cable bend radius and, to a lesser degree, airflow. Typically the fattest hose sticking out of your case will be a DB25 printer cable, which requires about 3" of extra depth. If your rack is less than 24" deep you risk bending wires at dangerous angles. Piyono