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    Dead Maxtor

    One of my 60GB D740X drives just bit the big one. It happened very suddenly yesterday. I managed to recover some of the data but I'm still out of about 20GB of recording sessions. Can't wait to tell the bands. Here's how it happened (in point form): USB 1.1 Flash Card reader and USB 2.0 HD both plugged in. Unplugged Flashcard reader without unmounting. Windows (2000) error message: "Don't do that" Plugged Flash Card reader back in to unmount properly but accidentally unmounted USB HD instead. Turned off HD Unmounted Flahscard reader and Unplugged. Turned back on HD Error: "Drive Not Formatted. Format?" Shut down computer and removed HD from USB enclosure Connected HD to IDE channel. Windows takes forever to boot Finally in Windows, drive is accessible but some folders not accessible due to I/O error Salvaged what I could Restarted computer Windows still boots slow, drive recognized, now all folders are accessible, start copying remaining data but I/O error cuts operation short Reboot computer and forget to skip Windows' diagnostics. Windows "fixes" bad drive - Now folders still visible but data no longer accessible Spinrite reports 33hr job time. Waiting till weekend. In case anyone's curious, I put a mic to the drive and recorded it making this sound as it tried to access certain sectors. Disregard the tone change midway through the recording -- I was moving the mic. Sounds like physical damage, huh? I guess data recovery software is out of the question (but I'll still try Spinrite). Now a question: does it seem more likely that the drive was damaged somehow by the USB plugging described above, or due to the fact that it was always on the move in my napsack? I will add that I was not unduly rough in handling and trasporting the drive in its enclosure. Thoughts? Piyono
  2. What area of T.O. are you in? Most mom-n'-pop computer stores that I've visited carry WD. $189.95 at Computers and Peripherals Mulitmedia on Steeles near Keele, www.cnpcanada.com, which is amazing considering my dealer cost is $183.99.
  3. Interesting. I don't know if the computer has a modem, but I'll check next time I'm there. Piyono
  4. Piyono

    Dead Maxtor

    The drive makes this sound. I'll try Maxtor's utilities. Piyono
  5. Noop. Muting the different mixer channels was actually the first thing I did. Even with all channels off the noise still comes through. I figure the cause must be some sort of electrical interference, and not drivers beause static aside, system sound works properly. I'll see what happens when I remove the CD audio cable. Stay tuned. Piyono
  6. Good point. I neglected to mention the machine is using the onboard AC'97 hardware. Piyono
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    Ten-Gallon Inkjet?

    ddrueding1, I know about large-format printers -- they're not what I'm looking for. Moike, now that's what I'm talkin' about! Thanks! e_dawg, My office has 3 ML-1210s. None are more than a year old so I can't comment on the long-term accuracy of the paper feeding mechanism, but I can tell you that for the kind of output I require a Winprinter is fine. In fact, I've printed some large InDesign files for proofing without any noticable drag on the computer. Yeah, I'd love a PostScript-enabled speed demon with a 12GHz RISC chip but that ain't gonna happen anytime soon. A $600 printer with a 66MHz CPU might be more in my league, however... Piyono
  8. I'm entertaining recollections of an inkjet printer that feeds from external, refillable, milk-jug-sized reservoirs of ink. Is my overactive imagination playing tricks on me again, or is there such an alternative to the expensive, wastefull reality that is the modern desktop inket printer? Also, what's everyone's favorite CAN$300 laser printer? We need to replace our ageing, broken-to-bits (original) HP LaserJet4 but we don't want to spend the CAN$1800 that it cost in 1996. Piyono
  9. Every time I start up WinXP and launch IE, a box pops up informing me that no Internet connection was found, and "would you like to try again or cancel?" I hit "try again" and a connection is made. We have DSL here, routed through a gateway, so we're always online. Why am I getting this message? Piyono
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    Do not look at this site

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Piyono
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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Yeah, but SC, you don't use Auto-Update, do you? Select the updates you want and apply them manually... ...not that you need me to tell you this, of course. Piyono
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    Floppy Disk Fail

    Floppy ribbon connectors are not keyed. Make sure yours isn't installed upside-down. Piyono
  13. Piyono

    Mini/DV format?

    Typically the still capability of these suck... Anyway I wouldn't recommend this or similar cameras for stills. I retract that -- I'm not looking at the still-image capabilities of video cameras as a replacement for still cameras. It's just that I'm giving back the borrowed coolpix 990 rig that I've been shooting for the past year and I can only afford to buy either a still or video camera. If I go for the video camera (for a change of pace) it'll become my still camera by default. Piyono
  14. Perhaps you could draw/have drawn some inspiration from this man and his motorcycle? If you haven't already, read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Even if it doesn't immediately address the issues you're facing, it's a heck of a good read. Piyono
  15. Piyono

    Help Me Jimmy an AT Power Supply

    I suppose I could use two wall warts... ... or I could just take an old AT mobo, measure the resistence of all the different motherboard power pins to ground and load the PSU pins accordingly. After all, it's the motherboard pins, that require loading, right? You could, in theory have a computer consisting of just a motherboard and nothing else without fear of the PSU melting down. Piyono
  16. I've got an old, small AT power supply which I'd like to use to power four Panaflo 12cm fans. I need to know how to terminate the motherboard connector ends in order for the PS to turn on and stay on. Anyone? PS Image 1 PS Image 2 Piyono
  17. When did I say it's for my system? Piyono
  18. Is anyone else put off by the fact that NSW2003 doesn't let you perfrom a custom install? The only installation options offered are Typical, Complete and Express. Even in the "Professional" edition! Phooey! Piyono
  19. Piyono

    Help Me Jimmy an AT Power Supply

    No. The box and the computer are not to share any wiring. The computer PSU cannot power the four box fans. Besides, the fans I have are already terminated with 3-pin connectors (like the ones on your motherboard). I bought pin headers and a small project phenolic in order to solder myself a little power distribution board. Piyono
  20. [OT] Holy G'Shmoly! Heya Clocker! Where've you been? [/OT] Piyono
  21. Piyono

    Help Me Jimmy an AT Power Supply

    Dangerous? How? The four fans together will require 4×450mA=1.8A. I'd need two 1A wall warts. The PC is to be completely independant of the box, save for the fact that they'll be plugged into the same wall outlet. What's a "standard power splitter"? I'm no engineer, but I believfe that 10 Ohms across 5V would yield .5A, not 2.5A. Piyono
  22. Does there exist a device that converts 15-Pin VGA to F connector or S-Video or both? We need to output a laptop's display onto a large-screen TV for a presentation. I envision a small box that sits inline between the video card and the television. Any suggestions? Piyono
  23. Piyono

    Dreamweaver MX vs. FrontPage 2002

    You can get a fully-functional demo of Dreamweaver right from Macromedia. No warez required. I use Dreamweaver. I like it very much. Sleek, streamlined, stable, Standars-compliant. What more do you need? Piyono
  24. Piyono

    Help Me Jimmy an AT Power Supply

    Well, can anyone tell me which circuit to load and how much to strap on? As it is the PSU is working inconsistently, sometimes giving me 12v and sometimes not. Granted, I don't have a DMM or resistors to play with -- my test load is the Panaflo connected by bare stranded wires. If anyone digs up a usefull document online please point me to it. Thanks. Piyono