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    Windows Installer Files Corrupt?

    i was the first response on this thread! Hmmm... Ah, yes, you were indeed. Well, here's the scoop: It was becoming clear that the DIMMs were misbehaving only whilst occupying slots 3&4, so I popped then into slots 1&2 and fired up Windows to try some network file swapping. So far it seems to have worked. I did a few tests and the MD5 hashes check out across three machines on files from a few KB to several hundreds of MB. Downloads seem OK, too. This evidence would seem to point towards the motherboard as the culprit. I'll be keeping an eye on the situation, so you'll be informed of any new developments. Piyono
  2. Piyono

    Windows Installer Files Corrupt?

    Sometimes people give answers without reading the question. I wasn't sure. Yes. I was gonna try that... honest. Agreed. I've replaced my share of toasted NICs. I'll give it a go.' Thanks! Piyono
  3. Piyono

    Windows Installer Files Corrupt?

    Honold, It's not a stability problem -- I'm getting corrupt files. However, as I stated before, each DIMM tests fine on its own. On the progress front, here's the latest development - The problems seems to be occuring only with the combination of my RAM in the second two slots of my mobo. My roommate has the same mobo and Memtest86 returned no errors with my RAM in his machine, or with his memory in my machine. With slots 1 and 2 populated the memory test comes back clean. Let's not forget that this whole RAM testing exercise is in hopes of exorcising the spirits corrupting my files. Finally, just cloud the issue even more, here are two new thoughts: 1. I'll swap CPUs to see if that makes any difference. 2. As it appears that only files passing through my NIC are falling victim to this cancer, perhaps it's the NIC that's at fault? Piyono
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    Windows Installer Files Corrupt?

    I'll try what you all have suggested, but I should point out a few more peculiarities: - This RAM has been in the system for nearly six months with no problems. The file corruption only started a few weeks ago. - There are two identical 256MB CL 2.5 PC2100 DIMMs in the machine. Tested together they return errors. Tested individually they come up clean. I've played musical slots with consistent results. - I brought in a third DIMM from home. It tests fine alone, and it tests fine with each of the suspect DIMMs. I have not tested the RAM with all three slots (on my ASUS A7V333) populated. Is any of this significant? Piyono
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    What happened to the SR front page?

    Agreed. That's been bugging me, too. Piyono
  6. It was time to format a client's Win98 Machine which was long overdue for an overhaul. I backed up all his data to drive E which was the second partition on the primary master drive, a 40GB Maxtor DMP60 with EZ-BIOS installed. I nuked the C partition and reinstalled Windows only to find that the computer was now booting from C, but from an older installation of Win98 on the primary slave drive -- an old Samsung. Strange? I'll say. After rebooting a few times I noticed that the EZ-BIOS loader line had disappeard from the boot sequence, so I fired up MaxBlastII and tried to uninstall/reinstall it. However, I couldn't uninstall EZ-BIOS from the primary master until it was uninstalled from the primary slave, as well. Don't ask me why, but rather than uninstalling it from the slave, I decided to simply unplug the slave and reboot so that MaxBlast wouldn't see a second drive. It worked, and in that session I uninstalled EZ-BIOS. When I rebooted the second partition was gone. I popped the drive out of my client's PC and into one of mine to check it with Partition Magic 7, which warned me of some fishy partitions and, saw only unpartitioned space after the first visible parition. I plugged the drive back into my client's machine reinstalled EZ-BIOS, figuring that it was required to access the vanished partition. No go. I'm royally screwed if I can't get wake up this partion -- all my backups are on it. Stupid, I know, but we're all entitled to an oversight now and then. Any suggestions? Piyono
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    Windows Installer Files Corrupt?

    I've been running Memtest86 for about 2h:15m, now, and have new numbers to report: Tests 1-2: 0 Errors Test 3: 573 Errors Test 4: 480 Errors Test 5: 6 Errors I'm killing the test because I have to do some actual work today, but is this enough evidence to convict my RAM as the culprit? Piyono
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    Windows Installer Files Corrupt?

    Quick update: Practically ALL files that come into my computer via my network card become corrupted. I've performed several tests transferring files to my computer and to my co-worker's computer from various network locations both inter and intra, and the MD5 signatures of a majority of the files transferred differ from my computer to his. I'm running Memtest86 as I type this; it's been running for about half an hour now. I'm checking the error summary periodically and there are more every time I look. Right now the count is: Test 1: 0 Errors Test 2: 0 Errors Test 3: 354 Errors Test 4: 211 Errors Test 5: 2 Errors Tests 6-11: 0 Errors I don't understand the significance of these findings yet, but if they're of any severity at all it might just explain the problems I'm having. Any insights? Piyono
  9. That's all you had to say! Have you tried Xxcopy? Piyono
  10. They're standard parts. Any local computer retailer will be happy to supply you with a few. Piyono
  11. NRG... That little piece of free software... is... AMAZING!! I just retrieved EVERYTHING from the hidden EZ-BIOS partition! Mind you, I haven't checked the data for integrity yet (I'm typing with one hand while copying files with the other -- kidding) but it seems quite intact. I have to say I'm very impressed! (Not to mention very relieved) I'm off to write a thank-you note to the writers of PC Inspector. Thanks to you, too, NRG! Piyono
  12. The "missing" partition is still there... I'll give PC Inspector a go! Piyono
  13. Update: He had 90% of his files backed up on ZIP disks. Go figure. <Piyono breathes huge sigh of relief and proceeds to format the drive> Piyono
  14. I submit another vote for Samsung monitors. The certainly boast the most bang for your buck. I'm using a Samsung 957MB after returning TWO Viewsonic P95f+B (their best 19" model) lemons in rapid succession. Piyono
  15. Thanks for the tip, Frank. Unfortunately, that trick only works for EZ-BIOS installed with EZ.exe from an original EZ-BIOS installation disk (at least as far as I can tell). Those are really hard to come by as I discovered (although I did finally uncover a copy on a private FTP site by Googling for ez.bin). Current versions of MaxBlast and similar DDO utilities integrate the EZ-BIOS installation files. Regardless, the ez /mbr switch didn't work. There just doesn't seem to be any way of awakening that crippled partition. Of course, there's a great, rich irony in all of this: I am the biggest proponent you are ever likely to meet for data safeguarding practices. "Backup your files in triplicate!" I can often be heard preaching to friends, clients, family, complete strangers and anyone else unfortunate enough to come within earshot. Many an hour have I spent in explanation that one's data is one's most valuable resource; that a hard drive or a CPU can be replaced, but the blood sweat and tears of thirty-seven hours hard labour poured into that research paper are gone forever if the only copy goes up in smoke the night before submission. I tell the same thing to people reinstalling their OS. Burning a CD? Burn TWO for crying out loud! Are seven years' worth of business files not worth the extra five minutes of prep work? Heck, I tell the same thing to everyone. All the time. Except to myself. This time. Hindsight is 20-20 as much as great losses are sobering. None of you can even begin to imagine how hard I'm kicking myself right now. I remember sitting there, studying the drive configuration and consciously collecting all my client's data and moving it (read: retaining only one copy) to this partition. A doomed EZ-BIOS partition that I installed. There is a CD writer on this machine. Did I burn a backup? No, of course not. Did I make redundant copies to the other installed hard-drive or to the attached ZIP drive? Goodness, no. I just sat there and flagrantly violated my own prime directive. The picture of oblivion; inviting trouble over by name. Sure, nobody could have known that the partition would vanish, but that's the point of backing up. You do it because you don't know what's waiting around the corner. I should have seen it coming. Serves me right. Piyono
  16. Here's what Partition Magic has to say: I don't like this one bit. Piyono
  17. My mother just decided to buy a colour laser printer before the end of the tax season. She has her eyes set on a LaserJet 4600, but she's seeking my councel on the matter. Problem is, I no nothing about these machines, save for the published specs, all of which seem pretty impressive to my untrained eye. Is the 4600 a good printer in its price range or should we look elsewhere? Piyono
  18. Piyono

    Free Clipart?

    Anyone know of a good, bullship-less site for free clipart? I need images of crowns. Piyono
  19. Thanks, Joe, I hadn't considered OKI printers before. I'm looking into them now. Piyono
  20. Hmmm... looks like my original reply got lost in space. Here's the summary: My mom needs it to print out feature sheets of houses she's showing, and everyone in the house will use it for general color printing, as well. It'll be supplementing our ancient LaserJet 4, which we bought new in 1996, and which has served us well despite a long life of neglect and physical abuse (practically every door on the thing has snapped off, including the front-loading paper tray, and the main magazine, which was rendered useless after the machine was dropped from table height a few years ago). I've not crunched the numbers, but I'm guessing that a laser printer offers lower Total Cost of Ownership than any modern inkjet, in terms of durability and consumables. Opinions? Piyono
  21. JV16 Power Tools - Best known for its registry cleaning tool (available separately in its older incarnation, Reg Cleaner), PowerTools has file management and network tools, too, although I've never used those. www.jv16.org
  22. Piyono

    Mini/DV format?

    I'm considering the purchase of a digital video camera to supplement or replace my digital still snapper. I have a few questions: [*]What's the video format written to DV and MiniDV tapes? [*]When tranferring video to a PC over firewire is the original video quality retained or is it compressed / down-converted? [*]In its native format/at its highest quality, how much storage space does DV require in MB/min? [*]Is there any free video capture / editing software available? Piyono
  23. I'm sitting at a computer on which hard drive activity is audible through the speakers, as is mouse activity. There's also just plain idling noise. The motherboard is a VIA P4MA, and the mouse is a Logitech Mouseman Optical Wireless. I haven't cracked open the box to see what HD it's got. The sound is harsh and unpleasant. Anyone know what's causing it? I've pulled all the external cables out (except the sound card, of course) but that didn't help. I've tried moving the speakers around but that didn't do it. Could it be some sort of inductance inside the box? Piyono
  24. I'm looking for an image batch processor which can execute multiple batch processes on an image at once. For example, for a website I'm working on I require a small, medium and large size of all the images in a gallery. Rather than batch resize and rename each size group independently, I'd like to run a process which resizes each image three times, renames each processed image with the appropriate file extension. A logical diagram of the process might look like this: Every file in the cue would have all three batch processes applied to it. This is important to me because I often process one or two images at once, and most programs' batch processes are too cumbersome to apply to just a couple of files, but I don't want to resize and rename and move every file three times. ACDSee won't do it. FireWorks won't do it. Photoshop might do it but I don't know how. BatchIt! Ultra won't do it. Suggestions?