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    Strange Email Virus Activity

    Sorry, it's bellnexia.net, not .ca. Piyono
  2. I'm running out of Ethernet ports on my 5-port D-Link DSS-5+ switch and I was wondering if it was OK to patch the gateway computer running ICS to the 'uplink' port. Yes? No? Piyono
  3. I assume you're talking about the controller card's drivers. If so, why does the problem apply only to Win2K/XP? Piyono
  4. Piyono

    32x cap for a 40x burner ?

    I use lots of different media and I've seen this quite a bit. Somewhere in the subcode tracks of the disc must be encoded a speed rating. My current spindles of Mitsui CD-Rs get capped at 32x, whereas I have a spindle of ProDisc blanks that burn happily at 48x. Piyono
  5. Not to my knowledge. Perhaps Norton System Works 2003 installed something of this nature without my permission. Clocker, I'll try that, thanks. Piyono
  6. I don't know why, but suddenly IE is forgetting personal settings at all the regular sites I visit, including SR. Of course, I'm checking the "remember me" boxes when I log in. I've checked my Internet Options and such but I don't see anything that would indicate a problem. Suggestions? Piyono
  7. Just need a cheapie, but I'd like USB 2.0. Suggestions?
  8. Piyono

    Lies, damn lies, and nforce2 availability

    Listen, guys, I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with VIA chipsets but I'm running 4 computers here on various VIA platforms starting with an ASUS CUV-4X from 1998, and - aside from the kinds of minor quirks that you find with any computer - they all work as advertised; without stability problems or hassles of any other kind. Piyono
  9. Sorry to veer off-topic, but what good are dual Ethernet ports unless the machine is being used as a gateway server? Are there any other creative uses for such a configuration? Piyono
  10. We're not concerned with "most people", here. Those who aren't installing hard drives every day probably aren't installing hard drives at all, so they don't factor into the equation. This new connector is for folks like you and me, who have to deal with the White Knuckle-Buster on a regular basis, and from where I'm standing, this is a Godsend. Piyono
  11. I'm frustrated with the multi-monitor options for the Radeon 7500. I'm trying to configure two monitors in such a way that the taskbar is containted entirely on the primary display, and does not appear on the secondary display at all. The closest I can come to this arangement with ATI's controls is the Start button on the left edge of the primary display and the system tray on the right edge of the secondary monitor. The only other options are for screen clone and top/bottom dually. As well, the standard Windows multi-monitor setup with the "Identify" button doesn't appear in the Display Settings, and I'm forced to use ATI's crippled, second-rate controls. I tried reinstalling the Catalyst drivers and ATI control panel but that didn't help. What to do? Piyono
  12. Piyono

    ATI Dual Monitor Headache

    Hydravision isn't installed on this computer so far as I can tell -- just the standard ATI drivers and control panel. Dual monitor control is through a tab in the Advanced section in Display Settings. Funny thing is that I'm running the same card and the standard Windows dual-monitor controls are available to me. I'm on XP, my friend is on 2000. I haven't yet checked to see if we're using the same drivers. Piyono
  13. Can anyone point me to a real-world study done comparing TCOs of laser printers to inkjets over various lengths of time? I'm trying to just justify the outlay of over $3000 for a color laser as opposed to a fifth of that for a high-class inkjet. Piyono
  14. Piyono

    TCO: Laser vs Inkjet

    What makes inkjets better suited to printing photographs? It seems to me (in all my ignorance) that toner particles, properly positioned and layered, ought to be able to recreate a complex image with as much accuracy as similarly deposited ink droplets. Piyono
  15. Piyono

    TCO: Laser vs Inkjet

    Well, I've fired off a few print jobs on the 4600 and I'm starting to see why you're saying that these printers aren't cut out for photos. There's some serious artifacting going on in the shadows, and my printer seems to have trouble with certain colour transitions. I printed up a few graphic jobs as well and while the color is quite what I expeted, there's some light vertical banding I don't like. Could just be that there's tweaking required. I'll get back to you. Oh -- did I mention that this puppy is fast? Time to first page is, like, nonexistant. Piyono
  16. I'm looking for a way add files to an ISO disc image. Purpose being, I want to have patches and updates for some games and apps on the installation CDs. Now, I can easily copy the contents of the CD to my HD and burn a new CD with the update installers, but I'll lose the boot-ability of the original disks. I though software like WinImage could help but it won't allow files to be "injected" into ISO images, claiming it's a limitation of the ISO 9660 file system. However, I've seen installation disks with patches added on so I know it must be possible. Any ideas? Piyono
  17. My mother just bought a color printer for her home office, but she still wants to use the B&W laser for text jobs. The printers serve all the computers at home, so both will have to be accessible over the network. Currently, my mother's PC is sharing the B&W printer through its parallel port, and while it's not the zippiest configuration, it's certainly not slowing anyone down. I have the choice of buying a $15 parallel port card or a $100+ print server. What would you do? Piyono
  18. Piyono

    Print Server or Parallel Card?

    Your Majesty, Dost thou truly thinkest I wouldst hath not done mine research? I should have specified, sorry. She bought a color laser -- the HP 4600 base model, actually, and it connects via a parallel port, which, if memory prevails, still bests USB 1.1 in bandwidth. Tea, You and Tannin both have a certain affinity towards ISA cards, it would seem. If I recall, Tannin is a big fan of the ISA SoundBlaster 16. The motherboard in question is an Asus CUV-4X. It's been a while since I had a look at it so I don't quite remember if it's fitted with an ISA slot, which was offered as an option. Timwhit, I have considered separating the printers, but I fear they'd become very lonely sitting apart. Piyono
  19. Of course, with the next security patch I downloaded from Windows Update my screen went bonkers, forcing me to uninstall / reinstall the video card. They're making me work for this one. Piyono
  20. Just like it reads. I ran LiveUpdate from NSW2003 and when Windows restarted the mouse and keyboard were dun-dead. The only way I can get past the Windows login is to buffer a few "Enter" keystrokes before it stops responding. Of course, I can't do anything when the desktop appears because the keyboard and mouse still don't work. Safe Mode? Duh. It crashes during bootup at the Windows 98 logo screen. This is a FRESH install of Win98, on the same machine that just gave me EZ-BIOS nightmares. As I have nothing invested in this system (except for hours upon hours of non-billable work) I have a good mind to just flatten it out and start over again... again. I'm open to (read: relying on) your suggestions. OH-- What's that? Yoga? Sex? Narcotics? Right, I'll start with those. Now where did I put my leotards, KY and crack pipe? *sigh* Piyono
  21. You know how adjusting the volume slider on the system tray elicits a confirmation "ding" in your speakers/headphones? Well, the sound has suddenly ceased exiting through the sound card outputs, choosing now to manifest itself as a "boop" eminating from the computer's built-in speaker. Strange? I'll say. Piyono
  22. I reinstalled Windows over top of itself. Didn't work. I went into the BIOS and turned off PNP OS and something else which escapes me at the moment, rebooted and this time it worked. I'm not asking any questions. Piyono.
  23. Very annoying bug of late won't allow me to install any software that comes packed using the standard Windows Installer (the blue/gray square icon with the sails). Any attempt to run the installer results in this message: I have my finger on the "Wipe Out and Reinstall Windows" button. Any ideas before I cave in? Piyono