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  1. Agreed! Asymmetric, you have a knack for technical writing that would send some SAMS authors home in tears. I didn't think I cared to know about the inner workings of flash memory until I read that. I would have punctuated a few sentences differently, perhaps, but hey, that's what editors are for. Go write a highschool science text or something -- help some kids get into college. Piyono
  2. Piyono


    Nice try, fellas, but you're not gonna put one over on me that easily! ..Now, then, was that three minutes on medium or high? When I was in college in 1996/1997, my course load required us to fill studio and lab time through the night. CDs were still about CAN$3, or so, a pop, and the one, lonely 2× Sony burner was given to spitting out coasters now and then. A bad night in the lab could cost you twelve bucks. As luck had it, one night at 3am or so I was 3 or 4 coasters into what was should have been a routine burn. My assignment was due in nine hours and I was at the end of my rope. I felt a little venting was in order. I gathered the ungood CDRs and headed with a buddy to the school cafeteria, where lived a large, industrial-strength microwave. I tossed the CDs in, dialed up two seconds on 'high' and stood back. Now, I don't know what sort of die they used in those CDs, but the ensuing shower of sparks was indeed something magnificent to behold. I highly recommend that anyone with a vendetta against a CD try this method of execution. It's thoroughly satisfying, although the smoke is putrid. I hung the newly decorated plastic discs in the MIDI lab in defiance, and to demonstrate my terrible new power. Oohh -- hard drive's done! Piyono
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    Password Recovery Freeware?

    Really? Well, heck! Sign me up! I see references to 2600 here and there... What is it? A popular hacking crew or something? Piyono
  4. Piyono

    Password Recovery Freeware?

    Frank's right, Honold, There are legit password recovery utils or services out there, but they're all payware. I have no programming experience but I can't imagine that it's very hard to write a small, fast, brute-force or word list attack program for common file encryption algorithms. I just want to know if anyone wrote one for complimentary use. Thanks for the links, Future Shock, I'll check those out. Piyono
  5. Sivar, why are you so hung up on low-power? Is electricity really expenisve where you live? Piyono
  6. jtr1962, I almost forgot about my own DDO blunder from just a couple of months ago: Luckily it all turned out ok in the end thanks to some fantasic software called PC Inspector File Recovery: *whew*! Piyono
  7. You all know I meant "Too bad...", right? :oops: Piyono
  8. Once nuked a partition using FDISK. Turned out to be the partition with all my mother's accounting & real estate work. To bad I only noticed after I installed an OS, blowing my chance at an unformat recovery. I can still hear the screams. Oops. Piyono
  9. I'm still using Matrox G450s because they're inexpensive, stable and nice-looking, but I'm wondering if one of them newfangled ATI or NVidia cards with 300GB of RAM wouldn't be better. Does 2D design (low power stuff for print and web) make more use of the video RAM or of the GPU? Piyono
  10. I just uninstalled WinFax 10.02 because the computer was abruptly restarting partway through receiving a fax. I installed the demo version of 32Bit Fax from ElectraSoft, thinking my problems were solved, when it did the exact same thing. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? I've double-checked my drivers and all the obvious settings. I really don't know what's going on. Any ideas? Piyono
  11. Piyono

    What Video Card For 2D Graphics?

    Great reply, Sivar, thanks! I've also noticed the catch-up game IE plays when you middle-button-scroll in higher resolutions, but I've seen that with practically every system I've used, from integrated graphics chipsets to G450 and G550-equiped machines. Piyono
  12. Piyono

    What's your partitioning strategy?

    What's the point in separating Windows and installed programs? Most everything has to be registered anyway, no? Piyono
  13. Piyono

    What Video Card For 2D Graphics?

    [quote name=honoldQuote: If 2D display quality is so dependant on the CPU and system RAM' date=' then what have the $3000 pro cards got over my G450? who is claiming they're related?[/quote] Blakerwry said so several posts up. In any case, I'd like to narrow the scope of discussion here; I already know that Matrox cards make pretty pictures -- Image quality is not the issue, and neither, for that matter, is stability. My concern here lies soley with 2D performance using normal, non-software-specific Windows drivers. Put it this way: will a Matrox G450/550 make my Photoshop / Illustrator / CorelDRAW / Flash redraw a) faster or slower than a GF4? Faster or slower than a Parhelia? c) Faster or slower than than an Oxygen/Wildcat/FireGL2? Piyono
  14. Piyono

    What Video Card For 2D Graphics?

    What's WRT? If 2D display quality is so dependant on the CPU and system RAM, then what have the $3000 pro cards got over my G450? Piyono
  15. It looks like I'll have to purchase a PCI IDE controller for my ever-expanding array of hard drives. Looking at the layout of my case I notice that it may prove easier to put my system drive on the controller card. Is that recommended? As well, this will be my first PCI IDE controller -- what's popular in a non-RAID card? So far I've sourced the Promise Ultra133 TX2. Anything else I should look at? Piyono
  16. Incidentally, the above batch file slows my 1900XP / Win2K system to a crawl. Is there an instruction I can put in that instructs the batch file to finish one task before automatically moving on to the next? Piyono
  17. Recently I came across a file managing utility that featured the ability to collect files from several subdirectories and drop them into a common folder. It was also possible to flatten all the subdirectories under a given folder, consolidating the files therein. The problem is that forgot what this application was called... Anyone? While we're on the subject, does anyone know if Xxcopy can perform multiple sequential operations in from a single command? Right now I'm using a batch file which looks like this: xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorybooks_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorybooks_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorybooks_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryelectronic gaming_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryelectronic gaming_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryelectronic gaming_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryelectronics_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryelectronics_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryelectronics_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"games & toys & hobbies"_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"games & toys & hobbies"_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"games & toys & hobbies"_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"health beauty"_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"health beauty"_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"health beauty"_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryjewelry_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryjewelry_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryjewelry_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryjudaica_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryjudaica_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryjudaica_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryluggage_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryluggage_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryluggage_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorymovies_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorymovies_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorymovies_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorymusic_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorymusic_ImagesMidD:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorymusic_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryphotography_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryphotography_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventoryphotography_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"school &ed"_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"school &ed"_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"school &ed"_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"sporting goods"_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"sporting goods"_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"sporting goods"_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"sports memorabilia"_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"sports memorabilia"_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventory"sports memorabilia"_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorywatches_ImagesFull D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESFull xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorywatches_ImagesMid D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESMid xxcopy /bb d:simchainventorywatches_ImagesThumb D:SimchaINVENTORY_IMAGESThumb It's pretty unwieldly, I know. I'm looking to slim it down. Any takers? Piyono
  18. Piyono

    Hey noisy Maxtor D740x, take this!

    I'm taking the put-the-whole-damn-thing-in-a-box approach to silent computing. I'm in the middle of constructing a box much like this one and the one found here. I'll post pictures and specs when it's done. Piyono
  19. I just spoke to a tech support agent at Maxtor and he said that to the best of his (presumably limited) understanding, all the drives up to 120GB use 40 GB platters. You should feel free to take that with the proverbial grain of salt, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it were true. That would leave the 60 and 80GB platters for the more capacious drives, I guess. We'll see. Piyono
  20. I'm sure you must mean heads, bsaunder, because my new 80GB DMP9 has a serial number of Y3KEE2E, and I refuse to believe that there are three platters spinning in there. Not that two platters is that much better... Anyway, the model number of my drive, if anyone cares, is 6Y080L0030403. It was manufactured in Singapore, on December 14, 2002. Piyono
  21. Piyono

    SATA: where'd it go

    Wide acceptance always takes a while when it comes to new technologies. I remember eagerly anticipating the widespread acceptance of USB when it was first announced as an industry standard. It took a couple of years, as I recall, and I had ants in my pants the whole time, waiting it out... but here it is. SATA is high on my wishlist, too. Patience, grasshopper. Piyono
  22. Your terminology is somewhat misleading, but it's pretty safe to assume that if your "DSL router" hasn't got an RJ12 (telephone) jack then you'll have to purchase or rent a DSL modem. That said, a DSL modem isn't worth squat if you don't subscribe to the service from your local telco or ISP, in which case a modem would most likely be included in the monthly cost. Piyono
  23. One of my email accounts is being bombarded with what appear to be returned mail errors from the "Mail Administrator" at postmaster@bellnexia.ca. Each message has a two part attachment infected with some variety or other of the Klez virus. The problem is that I don't know who's generating these messages. Is my computer infected and sending out random emails or am I the victim of someone else's virus? I've performed scans using Norton Antivirus (yes, with the latest definitions) in both Windows and DOS modes to no avail -- everything comes up clean. Any ideas? Piyono