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  1. Piyono

    Freeware Smart Monitoring Tool

    I have two drives attached to an ITE controller built into my Gigabyte mobo. HDD Health cannot pull up the names or info on either of these drives. Any ideas? Piyono
  2. Piyono

    Dual Boot Drive Letter Assignment

    Alrighty... add this one to you bag of tricks: I wasn't suffering from an MBR problem at all, it seems, but a corrupt system file. I booted from a Windows boot disk, and at the A: prompt typed sys c: I rebooted and all was good, although the Windows 98 splash screen appeared twice, but I'm not complaining. Well, not yet. Piyono
  3. Piyono

    Dual Boot Drive Letter Assignment

    Ok, I went ahead and wiped out the XP partition using Partition Magic and then streched C:\ to fill the unallocated space. Windows 98 still does not boot. "Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key" Tried FDISK /MBR again. No joy. Could it be that some critical files are missing? What files does Win98 need in order to boot? Piyono
  4. Piyono

    Dual Boot Drive Letter Assignment

    OK, I think I've found a (the?) problem: I just ran Fdisk for the first time and lo, it informs me that C: is the first primay DOS partition, albeit the second parition on the drive! Partition Magic, OTOH, clearly shows the partitions as I know them to be, with Win98 in the first active primary FAT32 partition on the disk, followed by an NTFS partition holding XP (which no longer boots -- Stop Error. Argh). Since windows 98 can only boot from the first primary FAT32 partition on the first disk, could this be the reason I get an "Invalid System Disk" error? The boot.ini looks good to me -- Windows 98 is booted from the last line which reads, "C:\=Windows 98". BTW, I tried installing Boot Magic earlier and now I have two boot loaders to deal with: first Boot Magic and then the XP loader. Shouldn't Boot Magic have wiped out the other loader? Piyono
  5. Piyono

    Dual Boot Drive Letter Assignment

    OK, so I tried FDISK /MBR but I still get the "invalid system disk" error. Does anyone have any idea why Win98 might not be booting? I've gotta get this up and running ASAP. Would appreciate any help. Piyono
  6. Piyono

    Dual Boot Drive Letter Assignment

    No, there are no CDs interfering. I choose "Windows" from the boot menu and get the invalid system disk error message. XP boots, and checking the boot.ini file everything seems ok. I could go fdisk/MBR but then XP prolly won't boot. help? Piyono
  7. Piyono

    Dual Boot Drive Letter Assignment

    Well, in any case, now Win98 is not booting. I get an "invalid system disk" error when I select Win98 from the boot menu, as though I'd forgotten to eject the floppy. Win98 wasbooting but that suddenly changed. I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything to prompt this... help? Piyono
  8. Piyono

    Dual Boot Drive Letter Assignment

    Yeah, that's sorta the vibe I'm gettin... but is there any way, for future reference, to install multiple OSs and have each one boot up thinking that they live on "C:"? Boot manager? Install with other primary partitions hidden? Piyono
  9. Hey folks. I used Partition Magic to add a new primary partition after the system partition on a computer running Win98 installed in a single-OS configuration. Into this new partition I installed WinXP Pro. I though that WinXP would automatically rename its boot drive to C:\, but it didn't. When I boot XP, The Win98 partition is still called C:\, while the XP drive was dubbed I:\. I tried changing the drive names using XP's drive management utility, but the feature is locked out for boot and system drives. I found a MSKB article on the matter that describes a way to change drive letters in the registry, but they don't recommend using it unless the drive letters were changed. Partition Magic will probably let me change the drive letters, but I am concerned about any possible repercussions. Will Win98 still boot? If so, will the system drive be called C:\? (backing up a bit, are drive letters on a dual boot system mutually exclusive between OS's?) Any other issues you can warn me of? Piyono
  10. Ok, for starters, I didn't do the upgrade, my client had a friend do it while I was out of town. If it was in my hands it would have been a fresh install. The system root on this computer has a "Windows" folder that seems to contain an operating system. Why would XP upgrade install into the "WINNT "folder? And if so, why create a "Windows" folder at all? Piyono
  11. I just installed XP Pro over top of Windows 2000 Pro, and the c:\WINNT folder still exists. I can't rename it so I'm wondering if it's safe to delete. Takers? Piyono
  12. Piyono

    Less spam lately?

    I check about 12 addresses on a regular basis. Lots of spam, but I've learned not to let it bug me. If you're anything like me, you've learned to scan a list of headers in a split second, pick out the legit pieces and flush the rest. Works for me. Piyono
  13. Piyono

    audio preservation project

    Agreed. Piyono
  14. Piyono

    audio preservation project

    Sorry, It might be because it's late here....but can you explain the logic of how this does anything besides slowdown/speed up the audio? I might be thinking too digital.... I think the idea is that you're caputring four times as many samples per second, greatly reducing your odds of a dropout. You'd have the option of time-compressing the audio, essentially discarding three out of every four samples, using some sort of interpolation algorithm (which is basically what sampe rate converters do), or playing it back as is -- audio captured at quarter speed with a 44.1KHz sampling rate should play back at the proper speed using a 176.4KHz sampling rate, which many audio cards can already handle, to speak nothing of what will be available a few years down the road. FYI, a properly stored analog tape will play back up to half a century in the future (we know this because even poorly-maintained old tapes are being found and restored all the time). A digital tape is far more likely to show its age, even after a few years of storage, beacause if you lose a sample, you lose a sample and that's it. Analog degrades far more gracefully than digital. Oh, and I'll believe all those "100 year" archival CD claims in 100 years when a) they find a working CD player to test that theory and manage to retrieve usefull data from one of my Mitsui discs. Piyono
  15. Piyono

    Hard drive not recognized...

    More information needed: • Are the drives on the same IDE channel? • If so, is one set as mater and the ohter as slave? • Is the problem brand new? • Does the problem drive contain a partition? A BIOS will usually identify any working drive on the bus. My Computer, however, displays only named partitions on a drive. You can check to see if Windows XP recognizes the hardware by opening Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management. All correctly installed IDE drives will be displayed as horizontal bars. If you have a non-partitioned drive, WinXP may prompt you to create a partition. If you're not prompted, then right-click the unpartitioned space and select "new partition". I haven't done this in a while, but I believe this will create one large partition using all the available space on the drive. Post back if this doesn't help. Piyono