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  1. What you should consider, is a Secure Erase on all of the SSDs. This is the best freshening for SSDs. It can be done using Parted Magic (bootable USB drive). Check an older version when it was free. Current version isn't free anymore. But the old one does the job.
  2. Or another SSD as Adobe scatch drive, to sent the load to multiple drives.
  3. Bytebite

    Help with SSD I/O error

    If the used SSD ist mSATA now also other vendors like Samsung offer this. You could change your complete system to SSD.
  4. MS Encrypted Drive only works with fresh drive and only Windows 8.1.
  5. 10 GB write per day is normal, two weeks should be 140 GB. Initial install should be 150 GB. So 0,3 TB would be really normal, I would suggest to check again in 2 weeks.
  6. If you get a USB 3 Controller, these products could be Interesting for you:
  7. Bytebite

    Migration nightmare!

    Did you try cloning "automatic" or "manual"? I always use manual and it works pretty well, but I usually clone with the recovery thumb drive. Maybe you can create a bootable thumb drive.
  8. Bytebite

    SSD Noob, I need HELP!

    When you swap your board you need to reactivate your Windows 7, I did this in January. My used copy was a System Builder edition you can buy in Germany without a PC. I just did a phone activation and everything worked fine.
  9. Bytebite

    Expertise needed please!

    I don't like the Sandforce controller, and would go with the Samsung 840. If your load is high and you use your Notebook all day long I would think about the Samsung 840 Pro, which is even more reliable.
  10. Bytebite

    Intel 530 vs Samsung 840 pro

    Intel and Samsung build both great SSDs, I personally don't like Sandforce, so I would go with the 840 Pro.
  11. SSDs also use AF, which needs the correct alignment to reduce read and write activities. I don't know how Sandforce based drives operate, but the others use 4k or multiples of it. Alignment is still important.
  12. You can try to create a boot able thumb drive on a working machine with installed Samsung Magician for Secure Erase. If the drive itself is fine you should be able to reset the drive with this secure erase to "factory setting". Just boot the machine from the thumb drive.
  13. For best performance you should put pagefile on the SSD. 840 Pro is a great drive which can handle many operations including pagefile and hibernation. Usually only aligning and turning off defrag are mandatory. Without indexing you can search outlook mails fast for example.
  14. In which country are you located? Social Media page can be helpful.
  15. I would recommend using the SSD without the add-on card, normal SATA II ports from Intel will provide more performance then the plugged in controller. This should be something for you:,3540.html
  16. Bytebite

    Samsung 840 Series 250gb

    The 830 is a great drive, if you don't need more capacity there is no need to replace the drive. But if so the 840 Evo should be a good solution for a single user environment.
  17. Bytebite

    SSDs much slower than online reviews

    One major problem regarding your SX900 SSD is that you connected it to a slow controller, the older addon controller from Marvell or JMicron can't provide full SSD performance. Often it is a better idea to connect to the SATA 2 controller to get better IOPS. If the Calisto is a old Sandforce I drive also these values can be fine, the drive can get so slow in used state.
  18. Bytebite

    Samsung 840 Series 250gb

    You can try Clonezilla
  19. Bytebite

    AES Encryption on Samsung 840 Pro

    The drive is always encrypted. Until you set a password it is like a vault having the door open. When you set a password you need always to open the vault/your 840 Pro. What you need to set the password is the ATA Security feature set, which is often to find in business notebooks and some business desktop computers.
  20. Bytebite

    Format SSD drive

    you can try parted magic It is a bootable ISO, which has the ability to secure erase SSDs
  21. Bytebite

    Which SSD as boot drive?

    You can also look at other performance drives like Samsung 840 Pro, which is really fast and reliable, or Plextor M5P which is also fine. The Intel is expensive (3500 )or old (520)
  22. Bytebite

    Samsung 840 250gb nonPro

    RMA should help.
  23. There aren't normal SSDs having SLC for mSATA. MLC is good today, companies like Intel or Samsung use it also for there enterprise drives. Today there are also SSDs using TLC, which are MLC able to save 3 Bit per cell. But usually most SSDs don't fail because of slow dying NAND chips. They die because of many other issues, when they die. SSDs usually sustain much longer compared to HDDs, but every technology can fail. Solution is to create regular backups on an external USB-drive and your done. Just spend 50$ and you can sleep better.
  24. Just did a quick search and found this on a German website: Read performance is the same but your write rate is higher, it seems that this can be normal.