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    Build it or go to the cloud?

    Cloud services are among the most advanced and secured technology these days and personal as well as small, medium and large sized organizations have integrated their work force on cloud network. Cloud storage is a part of this service and after reading the question above. I like to say that moving to cloud would be an adequate decision as it has proven as the safer and easily accessible environment. I have been using SugarSync since 6 months and i had a great experience with them. They offer 5GB of free storage with smart dashboard feature as well... Although, there are a lot of providers in the market offering their services in different pricing modules with respect to their features and benefits. But i would rate SygarSync, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Boxnet and ZipCloud among the reliable and affordable choice for the SMB's. You can access their service from anywhere around the world even from your smartphone... I agree with chashutch that S3 is the best one but i would cost a lot and if it comes under our budget. Then, there is no better option than S3.