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  1. Anyone remember this? It was funny as hell. I cant find it! Only dead links! Any search gurus out there that can find a link to this old flash movie? Thanks!
  2. Screwdriver

    19" LCD's w/mounts

    Long time no post. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best place to get 19" LCD TV's that come with mounts for a wall? I need to order some for the lobbies of my workplace. I really like samsung LCD's, but Im having a hard time finding them at a discounted price. Thanks!
  3. Screwdriver

    Great online puzzle Test your computer knowledge. Remember to "think outside the box" when trying to get to the next room. It gets HARD at the later levels. I think this kind of puzzle is right up alot of SR peoples alley. Kinda curious how well people would do.
  4. Screwdriver

    ASCII question

    Thank you both for doing tests. I have been coming up with similar results. Guess I will just have to use multiple Z's.
  5. Screwdriver

    ASCII question

    Thanks for that table but all the chars with #'s higher than Z or z are still filed before Z It is the same as a DOS or windows file listing.
  6. Screwdriver

    ASCII question

    What common ASCII character is typically alphabetized AFTER "Z"? I am making a new entry in a custom application. The listing is alphabetical. If I want something to pop up on the top of the list I just use a "_" or "!" or "*" etc. etc. What char can I use that will appear AFTER Z? (other than just more Z's) Thanks.
  7. Screwdriver

    Cell phone jammers gaining popularity

    This was a great thread to read. I can't stand how rude people are with their cell phones. I would say I hate all cell phones, but that would be like someone hating guns for killing people. Holding up a line in the grocery store... getting a call in a movie theater. Taking a call while at dinner with friends.. it all makes me so mad. Cell phones bring out the rudeness in rude people. Kids with cell phones. Do you think they really care about "minutes" or social etiquette while using them? Now adays you see ~8 year old kids everywhere with cells. Makes me sick. I hate to be sexist, but I can totally relate to women calling each other simply because they are bored. I love my woman, but every break she has at work she busts out that damn cell phone and calls one of her 10,000 g/f's who also have a cell. The entire drive home from work, she is on the phone. (no I don’t work with her) 5 years ago when I would drive home, I would see an occasional person on their phone. Now its EVERYONE. I work in an area with a lot of cooperate office and medical buildings, it seems that not owning a cell is like not owning a car. I would LOVE to get one of those jammers and somehow attach it to my car. Muhhaha!
  8. Screwdriver

    George Lucas is a fake

    I am a hardcore starwars fan and have to agree with the hedgehogs frustration. The absolute worst was the end of episode 6, where the music is all changed, and the 'ghost' of Anakin is now the retarded new actor. I don’t remember his name and will not give him the respect of looking it up. Ben's ghost looks like Ben when he died. Yoda's ghost looks like Yoda when he died. Anakin's ghost USED to look like Anakin when he died. Why make him look like a kid again? Im still in shock. Major, MAJORLY disappointing. There are obviously many other changes, but that last one actually made me cuss and yell at my TV. Part of the reason I am so disappointed is that they did an amazing job at remastering everything. Why throw all that work away? Episodes 1, 2 (and Im sure 3 too) are totally lame, but raping the original series is just not right. I will be holding on to my DVD rips of the laser disc copies that I got on ebay years ago.
  9. I recently setup a 10 gallon planted freshwater aquarium. I was really into aquariums when I was younger, just now got back into it. Take a look, I think its sexy! Front shot: - Click for larger image - Right side: - Click for larger image - Left side: - Click for larger image - I wedged a black binder behind the tank for these pics. (note the beautifully crunched up towel on the right side pic) I believe that a black background it the only way to go in planted tanks. The stuff that looks like dental floss is well... dental floss. I am using it to keep java moss attached to driftwood, I believe it is adhering well. In a few weeks I will cut it off and trim the moss down. The left side pic looks really good - Because of the angle of the camera and the bends in the glass there appears to be even more foliage than there actually is. Go Jungle! I have not stocked any fish yet, and Im not sure if I will do so. Fish are poop factories. I do have 5 freshwater algae eating shrimp in there, which have molted several times in the last few days.
  10. Screwdriver

    Honold Is Slowing Down

    Gawd, tell me about it. Makes me sick. I most certainly do not have the same amount of knowledge and exp to share as Honold, but I too have been reading daily but just dont see as interesting of topics to post on these days.
  11. Screwdriver

    Disable win XP forcing PIO mode

    I agree the drive may be somewhat retarded, but this would not not be an issue in win2k. Thanks for the positive reinforcement sechs, I have more to look into now.
  12. A while ago I got a cheapo "Emprex" (rebranded BTC) DVDR drive for my G/F's PC. Its been workin fine for months, but is recently running into a stupid problem. Its never burnt a single coaster, that is until win XP forced it into PIO mode. When this happens burns make it to 22% and then crap out. A quick google search came up with this: which then linked to M$, The important things these pages mention is And After doing a few tests I have found this to be exactly the case. I have 3 funky kind of scratched, hard to read DVD's. If I insert any of these DVDs to the drive it will spin for awhile, get forced into PIO mode, and then still not open the DVD's. I don’t think anything is actually wrong with the drive, its just a little finicky. These discs do work in other drives, but it takes them a while to load up. Removing the secondary ide channel from device manager and then rebooting puts the drive back into UDMA mode. What Im wondering is, how can this be prevented? Basically, whenever an unreadable DVD is inserted, the drive is kicked to PIO mode and then will create coasters if a burn is attempted. Is it just me, or should winXP simply say the disc is unreadable, and not mess with PIO/UDMA mode? Thanks for any feedback.
  13. Screwdriver

    Dead socket 370 MB's – a dilemma

    Thanks everyone for the good ideas. Unfortunatly, the PIII's are 800mhz 133fsb coppermines, not tualatins. (which I agree are very nice - better than many of the older P4's) I think I might look into dual boards - if I can swing it they would be fun to build
  14. Screwdriver

    Dead socket 370 MB's – a dilemma

    I can upgrade for even less than that... But then, how can I make use of the $ paid for these perfectly good PIII's and sticks of SDRAM? Thanks for the reply..
  15. I have a dilemma at my work place. I have 6 systems that are dead because the MB's fried (super duper CRAP MB's) The CPU's, SDRAM, powersupplies, video, drives etc. all still work fine. I could easily get these systems back in service with new socket 370 MB's The dilemma is – finding boards at a price that makes sense. Brand new MB/CPU combos can be bought for less than the prices I see on most socket 370 boards by them selves, but they are not compatible with SDRAM. (and obviously new boards cant take socket 370 PIII's) I could easily just get new boards/CPUs/RAM. But what then do I do with the spare PIII's and SDRAM? At the time of purchase (just 2-3 years ago) these were very expensive parts. Its mainly the RAM that's holding me up – a stick of new DDR is actually more expensive than budget bare CPU's. So if I buy new stuff, I have all this wasted hardware, (doesn't make sense) and if I buy old boards it will cost almost the same, but by spending a few $'s more the systems will have a nice upgrade (also doesn't make sense) Any recommendations? Thanks.