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  1. [Portions Redacted] To: Subject: RE: Regarding Your Seagate Case # 02611920 [ ref:_00D00hhzl._50030Ne2AW:ref ] Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 15:47:08 -0700 Thanks for your follow-up on Support Case #02611920. Curiously, the eSATA firmware update is indeed available on the Seagate website, at the following URL: Link to firmware update Carefully following the instructions outlined in the embedded .pdf, I have successfully upgraded the firmware on my FreeAgent Pro 750. The drive now appears to be functioning as expected via an eSATA connection. I am able to read and write High Definition (HD) video files to and from the drive. Kindly close out this support ticket, making note of the availability of the firmware update. Respectfully yours, > Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 16:24:32 +0000 > From: > Subject: Regarding Your Seagate Case # 02611920 [ ref:_00D00hhzl._50030Ne2AW:ref ] > > > Thank you for contacting Seagate. > > I understand you are looking for firmware for your external drive. > > The thing is, our regular external drives do not have firmware updates. I understand you have provided some links, which I have taken a look at, and while it may be true some issues may arise while using the drive with eSATA, there are no such thing as a firmware update for the external drive. > > For the time being I would probably suggest you make sure your eSATA drivers are up to date on the computer. I would strongly suggest you get the drivers from your motherboard manufacturer's website as those should be the strongest you can find for your machine. > > If you have any additional questions you may call us during your regional business hours listed below. > > Regards, > > Jean-Philippe D. > Seagate Tech Support (French/English) > 8am - 11:30am CT ; 1pm - 6pm CT > Monday - Friday > 1-800-732-4283 > Web: > Facebook: > Twitter: @AskSeagate > ref:_00D00hhzl._50030Ne2AW:ref