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  1. I understand. Thank you for the reply.
  2. Hi all, I'm wondering what I may be in for running with the Write back cache enabled in the Intel Rapid Storage software. I'm using a quality UPS that I have a good deal of confidence in, so the the dire warnings about power failures do not concern me too much, but can other issues like computer freezes, bsods, spontaneous reboots and so forth also potentially lead to corruption forcing constant raid rebuilds and OS re-installs? Just for the record, none of that is currently happening with my computer. I'm running an SSD Raid 0 setup on a dedicated gaming computer. I plan to backup periodically, but I'll be honest and say that data loss doesn't worry me given the computer's rather casual primary function, and I've already knowingly accepted the many risks of Raid 0. Still, I was curious as to whether the write back cache turned on would inevitably lead to continuous headaches and problems just on its own.
  3. Thanks continuum. That puts my mind at ease.
  4. Hi all, I was all set to buy an Intel 520 480gb drive when, after doing a little research on the 480gb model specifically, found that it and apparently other sandforce 480gb drives suffer from some performance issues in the area of 4k writes. In terms of the synthetic benchmarks, the differences in performance looked fairly dramatic compared to the 240gb sandforce drives and some non-sandforce controller drives. I'll admit that I'm pretty new to researching SSD benchmarks. I have a fairly good impression of Intel products and liked their 5 year warranty, so this news has sort of thrown my plans into disarray. How much of a real world performance hit would I be looking at by going with the Intel 520 480gb vs some of the competing SSD options out there in the range of 480 to 512gb? Am I taking the 4k random write tests too seriously? Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. A quote I found elsewhere talks about it further: This review goes into it further still and I've noticed similiar problems with 480gb sandforce models from other brands in other reviews.