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  1. Manufacturer: Seagate Family: Momentus XT (2nd Generation) Released: Late 2011 Notes: this is part of a new 2nd generation line to the Momentus XT line and distinctively separate from the earlier 320/500GB models. This 2nd gen line has LX003 in the model numbers, the 1st gen looked like this:ST95005620AS Model Name (product family): Momentus XT (2nd Generation) Model Number: ST750LX003-1AC154 Capacity: gigabytes 750GB URL: http://www.seagate.com/internal-hard-drives/laptop-hard-drives/momentus-xt-hybrid/ Interface: SATA Spindle Speed: 7200 rotations per minute Seek: milliseconds Buffer: 32MB Density: 563.6 gigabytes per platter Side note... I've had 3 of these drives fail (bad blocks/SMART Failure) each within 1-2 months of installation in a 2011 MBP.