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  1. Rather than using External HDD, I am looking at online storage which it can sync automatically like "Dropbox". However, dropbox doesn't provided unlimited, I have large files that contains documents, photos & videos around 800gb total. I like dropbox because their browser where I can view the files direct from my MAC Finder under Favorites. Also I can open one document file and edit it then save back to dropbox, then I am able to access that edited document from my another computer immediately. I did tried JustCloud, - trail basis, I noticed if I want to look at a photo, however, I am unsure of which files. To look at the photo, I would need to download a file to look then download another file to look again before selecting a right photo. It’s a such a waste of time to wait for the download. Also there is no preview to look at before downloading? Any ideas / suggestions would be appreciate thanks.