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  1. Plextor’s Red, White, and Blue Savings Event exclusive offer going on now from July 1 to July 31st on select models of the Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme. You can save up to $20! Learn more at Visit Plextor at
  2. Plextor’s Summer Savings Event on the M5 Pro Xtreme SSD! Save up to $20 off select models! Learn more at:
  3. MySharona

    Plextor M5P

    Okay so I don't see the M5P on Newegg still and nowhere else for that fact. Anyone else seen this drive for sale? Wasn't it supposed to be out already? I've seen that it was erleased overseas but why isn't it available in America? Anyone know any updates as to what is going on with Plextor's new SSDs?
  4. MySharona

    Plextor M5P

    So all the talk about the M5P series appears to have caused a Newegg to sell out of the drive pretty quick. I noticed the M5P this morning and now its all sold out! So I guess that alot of people plan to use this drive and I can't wait to see how well the drive works. I'ma be expecting some benchmarks soon
  5. MySharona

    Plextor vs. Crucial

    Yes I have heard of the M5P and I haven't seen any pricing or tests on it yet, but I'ma wait till I see more about this drive and if it looks good I'll probably go for it(or might just flip a coin ) . But thanks for your help so far.
  6. MySharona

    Plextor vs. Crucial

    budget for the SSD isn't limited, but I'm not gonna go for a 1TB SSD or anything crazy like that. I'm just gonna use the SSD in my daily use computer, I don't play the latest and greatest games, but play WOW every now and then, (don't want it taking over my life- again), and browse the internet, so its not a workhorse of a computer.
  7. MySharona

    Plextor vs. Crucial

    So like the topic says, which would you guys consider best overall? The Plextor brand M5S series or the Crucial M4 series. This is considering everything, from performance, reliability, price, warranty, to support.
  8. MySharona

    Free SSD

    Found out there is a giveaway for Plextor's new SSD drive. Link is below.
  9. So I was just looking through differences in different Plextor M3 SSD models, and something caught my eye. The larger capacity drives had better performance in sequential reads and writes, while lower performance in Random reads and writes. For example the Px-256M3: Sequential Read (MB/S) 510 Sequential Write (MB/S) 360 Random Read (IOPS 4K) 70,000 Random Write (IOPS 4K) 65,000 Now the PX-512M3: Sequential Read (MB/S) 525 Sequential Write (MB/S) 445 Random Read (IOPS 4K) 56,000 Random Write (IOPS 4K) 30,000 What is it that causes the drive to have the different read/write speeds when the overall capacity is the only difference? Aren't the components within the drive the same, just some drives have more NAND? Is there a "sweet spot" in terms of size (capacity) and performance? And does this mean that a terabyte SSD (when/if those come out) would also have better performance in sequential read/write and lower specs in random read/write?
  10. MySharona

    Crucial m4 dead. Go with Samsung 830?

    I think you are right. The Plextor drives are super-reliable and with the five year warranty, you're covered in case anything does go bad. I've dealt with Plextor support before, they know how to troubleshoot to determine its bad and if it is, the RMA process is a breeze.