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  1. I'm selling a lightly used ATTO R680. The card has worked wonderfully, but I've decided to switch to an internal SAS setup instead, so I'm selling this baby off. Feel free to email me, or you can view the card on eBay or Amazon here: Thanks for checking it out.
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    What RocketRaid Card to get?

    I plan to build a RAID 5 array using 8 x 3TB drives. I'm trying to figure out what card will give me the best performance for the money. (I.e. not worth spending more more if it isn't going to actually increase my performance). So of these three Highpoint RocketRaids which would offer me the best bang for the buck? Options I'm considering: - RocketRaid 2320 - RocketRaid 2720 - RocketRaid 3530 Thanks