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    OWC Mercury Accelsior PCI Express SSD

    Bryan: the 1st one I had the OWC Mercury Accelsior PCI Express SSD, worked perfectly, in fact i had the highest atto score they ever saw, owc techs said.....about 805mb/s read and 690mb/s write.....i might have done something wrong on my motherboard to wreak the 1st owc pcie ssd, they sent me a new one its still in the box, one thing i can say is the TOGGLE NAND it has how ever that works make the EXCUCUTION TIME SUPER SUPER FAST once you click your mouse. its very very small fits in the board very low profile. right now im very very very spoild with my OCZ REVO3 X2 pcie ssd. both of my pcie ssd are boot drives PC's
  2. Mercury Accelsior PCI Express SSD 120gb, just got new one from RMA OWC.... I forgot do I need driver to load w7 on this pcie ssd? thanks
  3. i have Iometer on my start button w7pro.64 i see my revo3x2 drive on the left side in Topology area. when i click the green flag start test icon, it says "you must assign at least 1 access specification to a worker" please tell me what to do here thank you, Eric
  4. Eric.Soovajian

    1tb wd raptor external storage housing

    thanks fastmhz, ya ive been looking too, newegg everywhere, i think im going 600gb vr and your cooling encloser, thermotake has some very good stuff on there site, im amazed you found that wow thanks. what i regreat is i have a brand new 600gb ultrastar hitachi 6.0gb/s sas drive and a atto 6.0 mb/s sas host buss adapter pcie card (atto H608) i used it for a few months and then went ssd, i will sell both items now. i have now ocz revodrive3x2 and owc pcie ssd, ya its better i stick with good old fashion vraptor 600gig usb3.0, external storage encloser. i just picked up from newegg the ADATA external 1tb waterproof /shock proof rubber silicone coated portable drive usb3.0 in and out, i will be using that to load my vraptor usb3.0 fastmhz you did a very good job here buddy finding that for me, many thanks, eric im sure you have a super fast system fastmhz........ ps excuse me if my wording is off or explaining things here.....
  5. Eric.Soovajian

    1tb wd raptor external storage housing

    fastmhz Enclosure with Two 80mm Blue LED Fans USB 3.0 looks like this is the one, wish i could have both usb3 and esata in one unit. i will be ok with usb3. is the base footprint area sturdy? thanks for the help you made a sale!
  6. Gentlemen, need some help here, needed "external storage encloser or docking station for Western Digital VelociRaptor WD1000DHTZ 1TB 10000 RPM 64MB basically i want to go: esata / usb 3.0 storage from my main system and I can power it off when not needed. any ideas thanks Eric