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  1. Thanks Brian.! Indeed I write a lot: 17TB on OWC Mercury ExtremesRE 3gbps I bought a while back, used in Raid 0 same purpose in the Mac Pro. 17TB writes on each!
  2. Not looking for a ready-made solution at OWC (althought their Pro 6G SSD would be a good choice for bus-powered as it draws little power and has very good performance). Just trying to know if what I want to do would be better done with SandForce driven SSDs or other> I already have SATAm 6gbps to USB 3.0 bridge
  3. 17TB, as much written and read (more or less) on an OWC Mercury Extreme Pro RE SSD. Performance of the SSD is still great I have a 233 Media_Wearout_Indicatorof 7552, I don't know what that means exactly
  4. Hello I am trying to make a decision about SSDs to be used as photoshop and video scratch/temp volume on a mobile platform (power requirements need to be low enough for bus powered on usb3, thunderbolt I understand has more than enough available). Interface available is usb3.0 or thunderbolt (trim pass-through might be a problem? GC solution?). I wish to get a 240 or so SSD for that purpose. Could someone give some advice please. Thanks