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    Need help benchmarking new SCSI drive.

    Most servers come with Amphenol cables, also FWIW. HPQ and IBM, anyway.
  2. LidlessEye

    IIS 6.0 with remote desktop OR VNC

    You can't really do what you want, SCSA. You can either: a) set up a VPN use Citrix (which has an SSL VPN) c) tunnel RDP or VNC through another protocol like SSH. This is essentially a poor man's VPN and is somewhat common for Linux folks, but is not as good as a VPN. d) Run RDP or VNC on a non-standard port (443 or 80, for example) so that your firewall will pass the traffic e) buy a new firewall which will allow you to set up inbound rules 'a' and 'e' are the most commonly used options.
  3. LidlessEye

    Apple to Ditch IBM

    Also, since Apple has 2% overall market share, and AMD has in the teens for x86 share, this essentially means that AMD does close to ten times the volume of Apple. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to ramp up, although production certainly wouldn't be as even as with Intel. Also, FWIW, the P4's and Athlons can be OC'ed as well, and they dominate OC'ed Pentium-M... Here's another article which shows an OC'ed Pentium M: -Z
  4. LidlessEye

    How to use another user in Windows shares

    use cmd line: net use This will show SMB sessions net use /delete resource will delete the resource. net use resource /user:username will connect as a user (usu. format domain\user or machine\user for a local account) also /persistent will remember the connection between restarts, but not the password This is useful for many things like perfmon on a machine in another domain or things that use RPC in addition to SMB. I think this'll fix your GUI prob... -Z
  5. Yeah, either fish or cut bait. Upgrade to a newer ver of Exchange because you like the Groupware and other things Exchange has to offer, or switch calendars. Doesn't make a lot of sense to keep Exchange just for calendaring.
  6. LidlessEye

    RAID 0 Stripe and cluster size help

    Not true, Buddy. Only if the OS drive fails in the case of one OS drive and one app drive. So a 50% chance... but in both setups you should back up your important data. RAID0 gives a higher overall chance of lost productivity and downtime, though. Mean time to repair is also likewise longer.
  7. The registry contains the info for all of the queues.
  8. LidlessEye

    Intel or AMD?

    For just testing/using various OSes (which I assume you'll mainly just be running one at a time), you don't need a dual system, or huge amounts of RAM, but RAM is more important, as these VMs will mostly be idle.
  9. LidlessEye

    Intel or AMD?

    These posts about vmware aren't one size fits all, although they seem to be roughly correct for desktop usage (which is what HMTK asked about). For very small implementations, such as 1-2 VMs (or more), which are mainly used for testing other OSes, or running apps not available on the host, then RAM is certainly the bottleneck on a desktop or laptop. For larger implementations, where there are 4-8 VMs running a workload on a larger system, both RAM and CPU, as well as disk I/O can constrain the system. Dual Opterons have had about 40% better performance than Xeons for the apps I've tested (not a wide variety though). These are somewhat CPU intensive apps, and they are active at the same time. On very large workloads, with VMWARE ESX, CPU is almost always the bottleneck, although driver and architectural limitations have caused us to change configurations or reduce the number of VMs as well. From my testing, we expect to run 40-50 VMs per 8-way x445 (with 32-64GB of RAM). Under the load tests, CPU peaks far before any other resource, and other organizations have had similar results. 30-50 VMs seems to be standard. Also, VMWare recommends allocation about 64MB more RAM for a VM than you would put into a physical machine when creating it.
  10. LidlessEye

    Pentum 4 vs. Xeon vs. EE

    Bronski, Thanks for validating my (light) criticism.
  11. LidlessEye

    Format problem after partitioning

    Technically, an OEM version of any MS OS is valid only on the machine on which it was originally shipped. It would work and be stable as long as it is installed via the normal process and not an image, in which case you could probably either fix all of the drivers or run sysprep. XP will certainly be orders of magnitude more stable and reliable (this is not exaggeration).
  12. LidlessEye

    Format problem after partitioning

    You might want to load XP, 2000, or 98SE on that laptop. Anything but ME. I have one and it runs XP fine with 256MB RAM. If you really want to install ME, can't you boot to the CD and perform the format in the installer? If format /s is not supported, you could also format the partition, then sys it if you want DOS only, but this may not be supported, and certainly isn't necessary. This hasn't been necessary since Win 3.1, unless you wanted a dual boot to an old version of DOS.
  13. LidlessEye

    Strange dialup probs

    I check ed the ISP's page, and it notes that Surfwatch is used, so it could be a problem with that: Our Secret The complete "SurfWatch" list of pornographic, violent, hate and gambling sites is blocked from your computer. We update this list daily so none of these sites will appear on the screen. The rest of the valuable resources of the internet remain open to everyone. You have to follow only a few simple steps to set this up, and your family should never have to worry about thier childrens visual satefy on the internet. Please ask for this FAMILY SAFE service when you call us.
  14. I've used copied NAV CDs in BMWs before. What kind and year of car/NAV system is it? BMW uses NAVTech for the CDs (at least in NA). I've used copied CDs in models from 2002 and 2001.
  15. LidlessEye

    Strange dialup probs

    I would assume that the http would fail. You can also pathping (2000/XP) or tracert the google address to see which router isn't working for you. Do they require a proxy? Did you dial up to the same ISP with your account?