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  1. I need a program that is compatable with Win 7 64bit that will mount ISO files and possibly Bin/cue and other file formats, but defintely ISO files. I've used SlySoft before but found that it started to act up after a little while but it seems like decent software. I've also used MagicISO and it seemed alright. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I have a new client who wanted maintenance, tuneup, malware check, you know the usual. Her old repair person wasn't very knowledgeable or forthcoming with information and basic instruction about using a laptop pc. So she wanted to learn about Windows 7 and get familiar with it from someone with patience. I started working on her Dell Inspiron 1525 Notebook and noticed she had no battery, she said the other tech guy took it after selling her the pc. My question was why did the other person take your battery? It was unneeded the tech said, just plug it in when you do any work. I ordered a new battery then and there. (cmos- battery I'm thinking) The pc has a vista sticker on the front so I say did the other tech upgrade your system? Yes she says. Do you have anything backed up, do you have a Windows 7 installation disk, how about recovery disks? No the tech said I didn't need any of those things. I have been around a long time and realize clients don't always tell the complete story, but this is the same story I have herd from two people so far in the same neighborhood , the same.tech the same Dell 1525's. Now I begin to go through this laptop an discover it has a 60 gb hard drive with only 16 gb's of free space. The computer was shipped with a 160 gb hard drive, why does it only have this small one? She doesn't know. So I ask her if it's ok to order a bigger HDD from amazon? When the battery and new hard drive arrive, I clone her old drive, install the battery. When I switch the drives the 60gb hdd has magic marker writing all over it. That is not a factory installed HDD. The other tech switched the new big drive for an old used drive when she sold the pc to my client. The drive had years of time on it, much longer than how long my client has owned the pc. I notice Windows automatic updates has been turned off, I start them. Finish my work, get paid, get thanked. Another happy customer RIGHT? Two weeks later she calls, Microsoft says I only have two more weeks to activate Windows 7. Now I know why no Microsoft updates. The key is not legit. She told me to order a legal Windows 7 and install. The other tech sold her this Dell by saying she needed a new one. Her old one was a much better machine than the new one, and the tech took the old one. When asked if she could have it back because she wanted to donate it to the local school system the tech said , "I don't have it- I lost it" Have any of you found any similar problems like this?, and what did you do? I'm not sure what to do this is going to cost her some bucks.