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  1. Today I received a special reward email from MegaCloud. I have been their user for few weeks only, not sure why they selected me? Anyway, you may try this invitation link if you are interested in 60GB storage: http://www.megacloud.com/invitation/2/992d98167c2902d7f088b561c51057e1 From their email, this offer will expire in 7 days and 10 quotas only. You need to install the client too, so I can't grab this again. btw, 60GB storage is for 2 months only......
  2. Heard that Mozy and Carbonite are famous online backup software.
  3. 1Cloud

    Problem in windows and backup

    how about backup all data in D or E driver? I always save my data in D:\ so that I can format computer or install other Windows version anytime. Is it not work for installing other Windows version? I haven't tried but I am going to do that actually.
  4. Received megaclould email few days ago, anyone know this site or software? similar to dropbox with software installation, mobile app and site access...