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    How big is your waist?

    I wear 36" waist pants and they fit well. I was down to 30" 2 summers ago, but I gained a lot of weight due to mild depression. About 240 lbs and 6', when I considered myself in shape I was 190 lbs. But... I have been going to the gym regularly over the past two months and I am getting back where I should be. I quit playing WoW which also contributed to my laziness.
  2. It would be nice if WD really surprised us and skipped to 600GB for next generation raptor.
  3. Drakantus

    Seagate Cheetah 15K.5

    Was there ever a review of the 15k.6?
  4. I think I know why. It's not that it's actually dangerous to drive faster, but it's the government looking out for itself. By making the speed limit rediculously low, almost everyone speeds. Accidents can be blamed on speeders instead of road design, traffic, potholes, poor roads, or other things which could become the governments responsibility to fix.
  5. Drakantus

    lost in translation = fantastic movie

    Agreed on mulholland drive.
  6. Drakantus

    Power Failures

    I had power out since Thursday, just got it back at 5:30am this morning. My Dad in Fairfax and Grandparents down the street still have no power.
  7. Drakantus

    What's in your CD player right now?

    Today: Tori Amos- Scarlett's Walk
  8. Drakantus

    Proof of God's Existence

    Oops. That wasn't even the right link Try this one
  9. Drakantus

    Proof of God's Existence

    click here
  10. Drakantus

    Proof of God's Existence

    How do you detect other things that are metaphysical? How do you believe in something undetectible?
  11. Drakantus

    Proof of God's Existence

    One kilobyte is EXACTLY 1024 bytes.
  12. Drakantus

    Proof of God's Existence

    If god exists, where did it come from?
  13. Drakantus

    The United States of America

    That's not fair to accuse America for a problem they do not have to address each year ? Why do you use question marks to end statements?
  14. Drakantus

    don't let SARS keep you from seeing X2

    I like X2 far more than the first X-men movie. The only part I didn't like was the matrix reloaded trailer that gave away way too much about the movie.
  15. Drakantus

    don't let SARS keep you from seeing X2

    So you can get SARS from watching movies now?
  16. Drakantus

    Roleplaying games

    I don't know any roleplayers in my area, but I play neverwinter nights online. Mostly I am involved in running a persistant world, but I also play on other servers. Shadowbane also looks interesting.
  17. Drakantus

    Scholasticism/Existence of God Debate Rekindled

    Lets follow along with those thoughts. Where did it all come from if there was nothing? Most religions say "god made it". Okay, fine. Where did god come from then? If you just say that he was always around, well, there is your answer to why the universe exists. It was always around, nothing just suddenly created it.
  18. I disagree. Post your thoughts, or post a link to an article if you want. Quoting a whole multipage article is just a waste of bandwidth.
  19. Drakantus

    Dude, your getting a cell

    Very much so.
  20. Ok, lets look at this again. Assuming you pick door 1, what are the possibilities. if door 1 wins.... host opens 2, switch and lose host opens 3, switch and lose if door 2 wins.... host opens 3, switch and win host never opens winning door if door 3 wins... host opens 2, switch and win again, host never opens the winning door By switching, you will win if door 2 *OR* door 3 win. That gives you a 66% chance of winning. If you stay, obviously you have a 33% chance of winning, as you only win if door 1 wins.
  21. Enforce the overtime laws, and change them so no one is "exempt".
  22. Drakantus

    Easy Way to Reduce Unemployment

    This wouldn't affect people who already work overtime and get paid time and a half for it, as that is what is intended. What it would do, is force companies that have people working 60+ hours a week and paid for only 40 hours to do some rethinking. As it is, overtime laws are rather pointless when any employee can be titled as a "manager" and made exempt for no reason other than to prevent them from being paid for hours past 40.
  23. Drakantus

    Any NY smokers here?

    That is probably how the government justifies it. And the same argument can be used for health care: even if you don't recieve it yourself, you still benefit from it because the people who you buy things from, the people who repair your car, the people who make your cigarettes all take advantage of health care, so you indirectly benefit.
  24. Drakantus

    Any NY smokers here?

    What about roads and people who don't own cars? A large portion of our taxes go to pay for the interstates and other roadways, and people who don't even own cars still have to pay for them with taxes. So, the precedent has already been set: even if you don't benefit from the program paid with your tax, you still have to pay the tax.
  25. Drakantus

    What's the Best FREE On-line Fantasy RPG?

    Arctic. telnet:mud.arctic.org:2700 Of course, it has no graphics of any kind. Lately I have been playing Neverwinter Nights, which isn't free but at least it has no monthly charge.