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  1. supercaffeinated

    I found a Unicorn !

    Announced in 2006, they have finally arrived ! Damn that boat was slow from china. I think they had to choose the individual grains of sand they used to make the silicon.... Blazing Fast - Class 2 !!!!
  2. supercaffeinated

    When did Eugene and company sell out?

    Oh ok, cool, the format is different, the bar and grill is way down at the bottom, didn't see it. Yeah, i'm a whiner. I'm glad you aren't trigger happy with the banhammer. Sorry for the negative attitude. Glad to see that Eugene and co got something for their years of work, and glad to see reviews and such actually gracing these pages once again. My whiney attitude has started some marathon threads here however over the years, and I can lay claim to driving some traffic to the former site, although perhaps it wasn't the sort of traffic Eugene was looking for Think "Apology to China" Oh geez I just looked that one up, and the original thread was lost in the forum failure.... Brian, you got the whole backup thing sorted out I hope ? Was pretty sad that the entire site was lost about 10 years ago.... a storage site... lost because they didn't make backups The Irony was intense....
  3. supercaffeinated

    When did Eugene and company sell out?

    Nah, I didn't search for the buried explanation. I think the fact that the most heavily used forums aren't even accessible from the "forums" navigation in your re-vamp of the site pretty much earned you the "poseur" title. The Bar and Grille was the hang-out for the real computer experts in the forums. A place for them to chat and pal around about nothing in particular when they weren't answering technical questions in the other forums. I had to navigate to my profile to even find this group. I'm surprised you even kept the group at all, much less felt compelled to respond to posts here, this forum basically doesn't exist to people who weren't members under the old SR.
  4. supercaffeinated

    When did Eugene and company sell out?

    This place was a ghost town for a long time. It looks like Eugene and company sold out and now some poseurs took over and are acting like they have been SR all along... surely these guys are some other site who just took over th SR name.... Soo sad.
  5. supercaffeinated

    Shuttle XPC NAS

    I did find one previously that had one SATA and Gig-E, but it only had one SATA port. The card that would do the job would probably required more bandwidth than one PCI slot could muster anyway. Now an AGP 8X Card with Gig E and 4 SATA ports, that would do the job, but nobody makes one.
  6. supercaffeinated

    Shuttle XPC NAS

    Yeah, that was it. Not sure if I'm gonna get that exact one, but something similar. It's doubtful actually that I'd be able to get the full bandwidth, since I think I'd need 2 USB controllers to do that. 480Mb should be pretty good performance though. It's a little disappointing.
  7. supercaffeinated

    Shuttle XPC NAS

    Yeah you are right. I just cracked the case to replace the power supply and I noticed it's got only 1 AGP and 1 PCI. I dunno why I was thinking the AGP slot doubled as a PCI slot. There goes my plan ! Kinda sucks but maybe i can try a USB to Gig-E adapter. If I bound two of them together, it should have the same bandwidth.... Here's one I found on NewEgg
  8. supercaffeinated

    Shuttle XPC NAS

    Hi, back in 2001 or so I was on the bleeding edge and built 4 machines using Shuttle XPCs (SB51g) in order to experiment with load balancing and session failover of web database applications. These things were quite fast at the time, but ran sorta hot. The work I do now requires 64bits and way more RAM than these boxes can take (they have 2GB), so now I use one as a workstation, one as an HTPC, and I have 2 just sitting there. Looking at the NAS reviews on , it looks like the HP x510 is the fastest consumer NAS out there. This is significant to me because it says that a PC setup with RAID can be faster than a dedicated NAS device, and a Shuttle XPC could be as small, and close to as power efficient. My thought is to turn one or both of the remaining boxes into a NAS. I'm looking to cram 4 x 1TB WD10TEVT 2.5" drives into this nice mount from SuperMicro and use this RAID controller. These boxes only have 100Mb ethernet, so I'll be using up all their PCI slots with the RAID controller and a GigE card. The Controller:;Tpk=PCI40010 The Drive Cage: The Drives: One concern is that these drives will not fit since they are 12.5mm as opposed to the normal 9mm of 2.5" laptop drives. I'm hopeful they will fit. I will probably just buy one drive first and try, rather than buy all 4 before I know they'll fit. One other concern is that the PCI bus only has bandwidth of about 127MB/s, however this is also the maximum bandwidth of GigE, so I should be alright there, until 10GigE comes out Any thoughts, or suggestions?
  9. supercaffeinated

    IO / Hard Drive Bottle Neck ?

    Not sure what OS you're running, but TCP Windowsize on both machines involved in the transfer will trump pretty much everything else if your connection has any significant latency. Google around for RFC 1323.
  10. supercaffeinated

    Thecus N5200 Anyone ?

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting the Thecus N5200BR Pro. This is the top version of the N5200 with the 4-Port gigabit switch built-in, the 1.5Ghz processor, and 512MB of RAM. My primary concern is 1TB drive compatibility. They only list one Hitachi model on their compatibility list, and I'd like to consider one of the newer WD 1TB drives with the power saving and noise reduction technologies, or possibly the Samsung 1TB. It would be great to hear about anyone's experience with the Thecus N5200 units. Thanks.
  11. supercaffeinated

    Sandisk 32GB SDHC

    Only 15MB/s but still sweet.
  12. You need to enable Physical Address Extension (PAE).
  13. supercaffeinated

    Where, oh where, are the Terabyte drives

    Another interesting point, starting to see the Hitachi drive from some vendors listed as low as $263.49: Even mainstream online retailers like have it for below $300:
  14. supercaffeinated

    Where, oh where, are the Terabyte drives

    Here's an engadget article that talks about the Seagate and Samsung F1 1TB drives. Gotta say the Samsung looks interesting with only 3 platters. I know it's been discussed in another thread here, but hey, it's still highly relevant, and I started this thread first !
  15. supercaffeinated

    Where, oh where, are the Terabyte drives

    Finally in stock at Newegg for MSRP, $399. Of course we expect the price to be less than MSRP at Newegg... I would only pay MSRP at CompUSA or CircuitCity... plus tax of course...