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  1. Best RAID Option Int/Ext?

    Will, Thanks for your thoughts. Yeah that is exactly why I am looking for a new solution. I have decided to go with an 8 bay SAS enclosure with 8 Seagate Constellation drives running RAID 6. This should give me two drives of parity for backup. I would imagine I would be okay with the speed of RAID 6. If I understand RAID 10 correctly with 8 1TB drives, RAID 10 would give me a net 4TB's? Which would actually be under 4 in the system. Not sure that is enough space for me. Thanks, Toby
  2. New Seagate 1TB-platter drives.

    Yes I read the rest of your post. I was asking a question, not making a statement or quoting you. Sorry to bother you. Toby
  3. Best RAID Option Int/Ext?

  4. New Seagate 1TB-platter drives.

    Gotcha. So you think these new Seagate drives would work okay in my SAS RAID configuration? I'm spooked now with everyone talking about WD Blacks not being RAID compatible and feel I might have more confidence in these drives. Think I might pick up some for my SAS and USB 3.0 enclosure and see how it goes. Hope they all work and that all the negative reviews are bogus. Toby
  5. New Seagate 1TB-platter drives.

    Continuum, Just wanted to get an update on these drives. I was looking at some of these for my RAID to replace my Caviar Black's. Still good success rates with the ST1000DM003? Hearing nothing but bad reviews on Amazon and such. Feel more confident with these in my RAID as at least they say they are RAID combatible. WD says the blacks are not RAID compatible due to some error correction delay. Not sure exactly. Did way too much research into the night and bit fried. Would you recommend the ST1000DM003 over the blacks? I believe you did recommend these to me in another post but wanted to see if they are still solid performers. I may move my blacks to my backup RAID. Thanks, Toby
  6. Best RAID Option Int/Ext?

    Okay, I have successfully configured this RAID enclosure and with a few tests I am getting blazing speeds. I tested it empty and full. Still very impressed with SAS versus eSATA or USB 3.0 enclosures. Crazy fast. With the 4 USB 3.0 card readers hooked up I am getting a little over 100MB/s per card and reader. That is a great time saver for me. My latest concern is the whole Western Digital Black RAID issue. Been hearing/reading that the black drives are not "recommended" for RAID setups. I am sure lots of people have had luck with using Black drives in RAID's but I am a bit worried and wonder if I should spend double to get RE drives. Any thoughts on if I should worry or not? I am running a RAID 6 setup in my main enclosure. Thanks, Toby
  7. RAID Controller

    I recently put together a system(has yet to arrive) consisting of a Sans Digital SAS tower enclosure and I was planning on connecting this to a Areca 1223-8X SAS RAID card. I was wondering if the Areca card is any good? Through bits of research I read that Areca cards are one of the best. I found this particular card on the San Digital site as it is one they suggest for certain towers and they show the performance as quite good. I noticed on the NewEgg site that it has been pulled and also on the Areca site the info and drivers are in their archives. This makes me think this card is really old and possible no good for my system. Any thoughts on the Areca 1223-8X and if I will be perfectly happy with it or if I should look for a newer maybe LSI card. This system if for my photography business. I am looking to create a stable/fast external option to store 1000's of RAW files and have quick access to them quickly. I don't need any server grade cards, just solid performance and reliability. Thanks, Toby
  8. I know it is very strange. I am running Diskkeeper with what they call Hyper Fast for SSD's. Not sure if that would effect it. Toby
  9. I know. I was thinking the same thing. I have attached a screen shot so let me know if I need to look somewhere else. Seemed like an awful lot. Thanks, Toby
  10. Wow, mine says 100TB!!! Is that bad? Why would it be so much? It is just my boot drive? Anything I am doing wrong or should I be worried? I have the Intel X25-M 160. Thanks, Toby
  11. Best RAID Option Int/Ext?

    Continuum, Thanks so much for your reply. I've been doing research like crazy and think I have found a solution that will work for me. I went with a Sans Digital storage enclosure. TowerRAID TR8X hooked up to a Areca SAS RAID controller Areca 1223 8X with 6 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black SATA III hard drives. I plan on running this in RAID 5. The Sans Digital site claims over 650 MB/s Read/Write with the tower and RAID card. That should give me more then enough punch for all my images plus transferring compact flash cards over USB 3.0 With the Highpoint card I have for USB 3.0 they claim 5Gb/s over each of the 4 ports on the card. That is 640MB/s per port if I did my conversion correctly. I am shooting with Lexar 1000x cards which claim 150MB/s read speeds. So with 4 cards over 4 ports that would be 600MB/s being transferred to my external SAS RAID tower which should be able to write at over 650MB/s so I should be good!!! Hope that sounds like a winner. Guess I will find out in a couple of weeks after everything arrives. Thanks, Toby
  12. Best RAID Option Int/Ext?

    I am putting together a new machine based on the HP Z820 Workstation. I currently am running Windows 7 64 bit and have an external PM enclosure running 5 1TB SATA II WD Black drives in RAID 0. I have this connected to a RocketRaid 2314 card. I am not super happy with the read/write speeds and was trying to come up with an option to get better speeds. I shoot a lot of RAW images and have 4 USB 3.0 Lexar card readers hooked up to a RocketU 1144A card so I am able to transfer images at almost full USB 3.0 speed with each port. I think my bottleneck is coming when it tries to write to the ext RAID. I believe I average between 100-200 MB/s writes at times but with 4 cards trying to write to the drive it can't keep up. My new Z820 has room for 7 internal drives and also has an on-board RAID controller. These are the options I was considering: 1- 3x 2TB WD Black drives with on-board RAID 0 internally 2- 3x 2TB WD Black drives with Highpoint RocketRaid 640 card in RAID 0 internally 3- 2-3 internal SSD's with on-board RAID 0 (Pricey!!) 4- External Solution with SATA III drives connected by SAS card externally??? I am looking to get at least 500MB/s writes and have at least 2GB of storage to store all my RAW photos. Thanks for looking and any suggestions. Sorry for any confusion or wrong data. My brain is spinning from trying to figure this out. If only there was a Thunderbolt PCI-e card. I would just get an external Thunderbolt drive and be done. Thanks, Toby