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  1. I plan to store some data on a 2.5" SATA hard drive for several years, up to 5 years, i.e. the drive will be unused for that long. Assume that I duplicate some critical files on the same drive. Will it help to decrease the chances of lost data? Would it make a difference if the file copies are on different volumes of the same drive versus different directories on the same volume? Assume NTFS file system, any special parms to use, or maybe another file system?
  2. I want to identify a tape cartridge and its format which has the best chances to last for 10+ years in a vacuum-sealed bag (i.e. in unused state for 10+ years) and have enough tape drives around to read it in 10+ years. If you can address this question here then please do so, otherwise please identify some other forums for this topic
  3. I plan to use the platter drives for my normal archives, but I need to archive my old data now and store it away for 10+ years without having any more access. Online backup is out of the question. The media has to be in my possession.
  4. I want to store some critical data on several media (same copies for redundancy): - traditional 2.5" drive with spinnng disks (internal or external in enclosure) - SST 2.5" drive - high capacity flash memory - which type to select? which one has the best chances to last for 10+ years plus, the media will be sealed in vacuum bags. I plan to use at least two different types for redundancy. I believe the USB interface will be stil available to be found in 10+ years to retrieve the data