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  1. I'm looking into buying some used Infiniband equipment to experiment a little. So far I'm looking at: Flextronics F-X430046 24-Port 4x DDR Infiniband Switch Voltaire 400Ex Dual Port 4x 10GB PCIe HCA QLE6140-SP Qlogic InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA) Single Port PCI-E Card As far as I could research without actually trying it out, these should all work together even though the HCA's are 4x SDR and the switch is 4x DDR, but what I'm currenlty more confused about are cables - a search for 'Infiniband cable' returns a lot of results for SAS/SATA II Multilane Infiniband Cable - but are these really the same as 'real' Infiniband cables? Danilo