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    Plextor M3 Series PX-512M3 Mac OS Benchmarks

    In my last correspondence to them via e-mail I explained to how I felt and said I was going to dispute the charges through Visa and they never even responded. It was clear to me they weren't going to do anything. Thanks for the comments. I'm going to cut and paste your response on my next dispute.
  2. swalsh2333

    Plextor PX-M3S SSD Review Discussion

    If you own a Mac do yourself a favor and buy something from a different manufacturer. This drive tests 20-25% slower then advertised because Plextor says they are not "Mac Certified". You won't be happy with this drive. Also, Plextor has a 14 Money Back Guarantee that is a scam because in my case it took 11 days to receive the drive and their policy is from Invoice date not the date you receive it. They ship from CA and I live in South Florida. Basically they knowingly false advertise their benchmark testing (because the testing they advertise doesn't apply to Macs, but they have testing that does that they don't give you access to) and hide behind their bogus refund policy. I tried to return this drive after having it for 9 days in hand and they wanted nothing to do with it. In reality I had 3 days to figure out that this drive is not what they say it is. Their refund policy shouldn't apply to false advertising anyway. Don't go through the aggravation that I did! Spend your hard earned dollars elsewhere!! You live and learn I guess. If you want to read more about my experience:
  3. swalsh2333

    Plextor M3 Series PX-512M3 Mac OS Benchmarks

    WOW! Very interesting. When I have a minute or two I will do some research. To me this is really no different then the class action lawsuit that Honda Motor is facing for advertising gas mileage specs on their Civic Hybrids that apparently weren't true. If a company advertises specs, the consumer should be able to duplicate those specs under the same conditions. You shouldn't be told oh sorry those specs don't apply to you and there is nothing we're going to do to make it right. "Sorry.....you bought the product......can't help you now" Thanks again for your feedback.
  4. swalsh2333

    Plextor M3 Series PX-512M3 Mac OS Benchmarks

    Amen! When you advertise a product, list specs on that product, say that product is Mac compatible, why should you have to think that those specs don't apply to that product. Don't they have an obligation?? And then after a legitimate buyer brings that to your attention you would think they would do the ethical thing and make the info that they have readily available, available to the general public. Unless your intentions is to decieve the public, get the product into the hands on the consumer and then hide behind your return policy which shouldn't apply to false advertising. The drive isn't defective, I didn't just change my mind, I simply want what I thought I paid for. Whats this world coming to.
  5. swalsh2333

    Plextor M3 Series PX-512M3 Mac OS Benchmarks

    What Plextor told me was that certain manufacturers that aren't Mac certified are not able to take advanatage of all of the features. Please read Plextors response below. "Scott, although the RMA has been created, it appears that your return request is past the 14 day grace period which would disqualify you for a refund. According to your invoice, the purchase was made on the 3rd of this month and the date on your initial email in regards to this issue is 2/23/2012. Please click on the link below for our full return policy. http://shop.plextoramericas.com/returns Regardless, your PX-512M3S is still covered against any hardware defects for 5 years from the original purchase date. Also, please be sure to contact our technical support center for assistance with any technical issues that you may have. For Mac OSX, Apple has decided to not include support for any hardware which has not been Mac certified. This includes, but is not limited to, the option to enable TRIM, which can affect your SSD's performance. Please click on the link below for instructions on getting around this." BTW...I didn't receive the drive until the 14th of Feb.
  6. swalsh2333

    Plextor M3 Series PX-512M3 Mac OS Benchmarks

    Basically I'm looking to get what I paid for and was advertised from Plextor. My intention is not to compare the M4 with M3 overall. My point with mentioning the M4 is that if crucial advertises performance specs and they actually consistently produce those specs why can't Plextor. I paid over $650 to "upgrade" my performance and I really didn't. My reads are running 20%+ slower at times. As you are probably already know, I'm not a techie, I'm a everyday user and don't think I got what I paid for. I put a lot of credence in what Plextor claimed which is not true and they didn't disclose information they had for Mac users by design. As I stated before, If they advertise specs and then clearly understand that those can never be replicated with Mac OS users I believe they have an obligation to mention that fact so consumers can make an informed decision. We're not talking about getting different results with the same OS where the PC has different components. I get that. We're talking about a OS that they say is compatible but is compatible without the same specs which is not stated. Also, this is not me claiming that Mac OS users will not get the same results. This information came from Plextor customer service clearly stating that these specs just won't happen won't happen on a Mac. The fact that they will knowingly false advertise and then hide behind a 14 day return policy is not good business practice. In a year when I have a problem with this drive are they going to hide behind another false statement and/or policy and not fix the drive??? I really want to rid myself of this drive and company and they're not going to help. Im really not looking for a defense to Plextors drives. I know they are inferior now by doing the research I should have done to start. Does anyone know of a drive where the reads will be in the 500 MB/sec range and the writes in the mid 400 MB/sec range with a Mac OS. My specs are 2011 MBP 17, 16gb ram, 2.2ghz Intel I7 quad-core processor. Thanks for help!! Oh BTW, On the plextor online store (http://shop.plextoramericas.com/) you have the ability to review their products. I left a critical review which they never published. My thoughts are, don't have a review process if you are not going publish legitimate reviews that you don't like. Seems like more shady practices.
  7. swalsh2333

    Plextor M3 Series PX-512M3 Mac OS Benchmarks

    Thanks for the insight. I appreciate it and it all makes sense. The only thing that doesn't make sense to me is that I was consistently getting read speeds of over or around 500 MB/sec with the crucial M4 using blackmagic (about 250 MB/sec write) and I'm only getting speeds in the low 400's with this drive on blackmagic. The Crucial was a 256gb so I don't know if that makes a difference. The MBP is only 2 months old so I know it's not bogged down with a bunch of junk and I run the tests always with nothing running. Ironically I just ran quickbench and black magic again 4-5 times and I'm only getting speeds of 314 MB/sec read and 249 MB/sec write (or around those numbers) on both tests. I did 3 restarts and the numbers aren't changing. BTW, both blackmagic and quickbench numbers are coming in identical. I'm really frustrated with this drive and it seems like I'm stuck with it. Any suggestions on what's out there or is it all the same with these drives?!?!?!?! Thanks!
  8. swalsh2333

    Plextor M3 Series PX-512M3 Mac OS Benchmarks

    428 MB/sec - Read 380 MB/sec - Write on Quickbench 4.0
  9. I ordered a 512gb M3 SSD drive from Plextor.com. I tested the speed of the drive after it was installed and it was much lower than advertised. I called Plextor to see if something was wrong with the drive. After I told them that I have a Mac they informed me that I would not get the advertised speeds. They sent me the Mac benchmark report where the speeds are considerably less than advertised but Plextor does not publish this information anywhere and refuses to take their product back after they false advertise it. You would think they would do the right thing and put a * next to the speeds and then post the mac benchmarks so their potential buyers can make an informed decision. I'm thinking I should have stuck with my Crucial M4. I paid $656 to downgrade my system. Apparently Plextor believes false advertising is acceptable. Also, please beware of Plextors has a 14 day return policy for credit even with a 15% restocking fee. I called customer service 11 days after I received the drive but they refuse to take my drive back because it’s 14 days from invoice date. I ordered the drive on 2/3/12 and received it on 2/14/12. It took me 11 of the 14 days just to receive the drive. I had 3 days to figure out that I was not getting what I paid for. Anyway........ I was thinking of purchasing a new drive. I understand the benchmarks that are advertised are maximum speeds which is fine. I have a 2011 MBP 17, 16gb Ram and a quadcore I7 processor so I figured I would get somewhere near the top of the speeds. Are all manufacturers shady like Plextor with their speed specifications for Macs or does anyone know specifically of any manufacturers where I will get the advertised speeds? I was interested in the Intel 520 series, the Samsung 830 and the Corsair GT or possibly an OWC. Thanks