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    Port trunking help needed

    Haha Thanks for the quick reply, I will try both of those and see which has the fastest transfer rate
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    Port trunking help needed

    I just bough a QNAP TS-879 pro, loaded it up with 8x 3Tb drives from Hitachi. Just doing the setup of the system before i start backing up, and i was wondering which port trunking option is best (for fastest performance) .. and why The Options that i can choose are: - Balance-rr ( round robin ) - Active Backup ( Fail Over ) - Balance XOR - Broadcast - IEEE 802.3ad - Balance-tlb ( Adaptive Transmit Load Balancing ) - Balance-alb ( Adaptive Load Balancing ) The QNAP supports 2 Ethernet Cables. Sorry if someone has already posted about this, I looked but couldn't find enough information that could lead me to a decision Thanks in advance Rick