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  1. I have been using RAID 0 for the past few months in a small desktop computer of mine. Nothing fancy, a pair of Wester Digital 5002AALX drives (non-AF), striped at 64KB with Windows 7 x64 (using the default 4KB cluster size and 1024KB alignment). I have the spare time, and due to their purpose I am going to rebuild the array soon, and plan on moving it to 128KB stripe blocks and possibly on the data partitions, using 64KB NTFS clusters. My questions are; is having 2 different cluster sizes on 2 partitions on the same logical drive a performance hit? (e.g. Windows 7 partition @ 4KB and a storage partition @ 64KB). The other question is, the default Windows 7 alignment (1024KB from the beginning of the disk), should I leave this alone or should I align it to my RAID stripe size? The final thing, should EACH partition on the disk feature "Align", or only the first? (creating the partitions via. DISKPART)