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    SSD as Secondary Drive

    We can take it anywhere; for work that needs to extend beyond home or office walls, SSD exceeds expectations in handling shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.
  2. mountainman1

    SSD Reviews Thread

    There several very good benefits with SSD some of them are faster boot-up time, file searches, app start-ups and less downtime and power usage
  3. mountainman1

    Advice on home NAS system

    As per my experience, I know how to set up a RAID1 setup by using Solaris Volume Manager. But most import thin I observer that it provides ZFS, which is a fantastic solution to my problem! That's the OS I decided to use.
  4. mountainman1

    NAS or Media Server?

    My preference for home NAS is M2NPV MX Motherboard, it has a Mini-ATX form factor, four on-board SATA connectors; most importantly, it supports ECC memory AMD Athlon Dual-Core CPU 2x1GB RAM with ECC Antec NSK4400 Mini-ATX case, with custom modifications to hold 4 3.5" disks internally, DVD reader and 4-750GB Seagate 7200rpm hard disks This is enough to provide you with 2TB redundant and online storage at a low cost
  5. mountainman1

    WHS vs. NAS to store Media in home

    There are lots of benefits exits with NAS. One of the most key benefits is the ability to consolidate structured and unstructured data into a file sharing environment that utilizes the existing IP infrastructure.
  6. mountainman1

    Suggestions for small server

    You require some homework for it. We know that server is a more function of the software, not hardware. My suggestion Dell servers perform very well; you can find great bargains. I also strongly recommend you check with Dell website; it's the nonprofit focused arm of a company and they do a wonderful job helping you get what you need at the best price.
  7. mountainman1

    Build it or go to the cloud?

    Really cloud computing is very useful in small business, it reduces our hardware (computers and software), networking management and overall IT expenses. In addition, with cloud computing, we pay for what we use.
  8. Can anybody suggest me on the best storage device for my laptop- Actually I am looking at various external hard drives, 80-160GB range, also wondering if it's possible to hook up an internal hard disk. I am using Dell laptop.
  9. mountainman1

    VMware storage, DAS with SAS Switch

    Using VMware platform, we can make an integrated application platform on vSphere for deployment in private and public clouds.
  10. mountainman1

    Storage and Backup for Small Company

    There are several benefits we will get from storage devices. A storage device typically simplifies our storage administration and adds flexibility. You can check different type of Dell storage area network devices. May be it will helps you.
  11. Yes, rather than obtain an external drive, we can easily control our backups by using the online storage services. Nowadays Dropbox,, Carbonite are the top online back up service providers. A lot of these tools give mobile-device access so we can access these documents through iPhone or Android-powered devices. One better characteristic they offered by on the online backup services can be a model assistance, which shows you iterations of your documents or folders allowing you an easy way to restore a file to a previous version.
  12. I think this link will helpful on your requirement. Small NAS. As i know that you can reduce the duplicate files and data clutter in a single moment. We called it as SIS (single instant storage). Here we can identifies duplicate files, saves one copy and replaces the other version.
  13. mountainman1

    what storage do i need

    Yes, blackarmor 440 is good. Using of this we can store and access the files from a central and secure location As well you can use Dell PowerEdge Servers.