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  1. I am planning to have central repository for media as well as backup and file sharing for my computers. I have a DLink N300 router with USB3.0. What I am looking for is a solution for having a central storage for media (movies, mp3, phote) and for the other files for the PCs. I shall be happy to share the media among the PCs and view it on TV (I am planning to upgrade my TV and so currently open on that). I do not have a separate media player. I shall like to have your guidance in this. Please feel free to ask questions in this regards. Kangkan My home on the net
  2. Kangkan

    NAS or Media Server?

    It seems to be an unneccessary one for me. Except running a software, rest all are available on NAS these days and it comes at a fairly lower price for my kind of users.
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    NAS or Media Server?

    Thanks Brian. I shall look at the products indicated. Storage volume might be around 2TB. Of course, future upgrade/addition is welcome. The key features are: 1. Being able to backup/share files within my home network 2. Media (movies/pictures/songs) usage on my computers and TV/DVD player+Apmplifier. Lower power consumption should be a key factor in selection. Regards, Kangkan