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  1. Kangkan

    NAS or Media Server?

    It seems to be an unneccessary one for me. Except running a software, rest all are available on NAS these days and it comes at a fairly lower price for my kind of users.
  2. Kangkan

    NAS or Media Server?

    Thanks Brian. I shall look at the products indicated. Storage volume might be around 2TB. Of course, future upgrade/addition is welcome. The key features are: 1. Being able to backup/share files within my home network 2. Media (movies/pictures/songs) usage on my computers and TV/DVD player+Apmplifier. Lower power consumption should be a key factor in selection. Regards, Kangkan
  3. I am planning to have central repository for media as well as backup and file sharing for my computers. I have a DLink N300 router with USB3.0. What I am looking for is a solution for having a central storage for media (movies, mp3, phote) and for the other files for the PCs. I shall be happy to share the media among the PCs and view it on TV (I am planning to upgrade my TV and so currently open on that). I do not have a separate media player. I shall like to have your guidance in this. Please feel free to ask questions in this regards. Kangkan My home on the net