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  1. Upgrading an HP Pavilion dv7-6b63us. Installed 16gb Balistic memory & XT Momentus 750GB, but I'd like to change out the hybrid for an SSD. (want a faster boot & longer battery time) Read reviews, power ratings etc & don't want to spend much more on this older laptop The Crucial MX200 1GB looks like the best tradeoff. I saw it on either Amazon or Newegg, briefly (for about half a day) circa $279, but failed to order in time. Saw it once on Ebay from some fellow in Texas for $275, but am fearful of Ebay "too good 2 B True"s. Does anyone know of any sales that might be coming up? I search NE, Amzn & Tiger every day and as what I have is faster than when I bought it, and the boot isn't intolerable, I'll wait. If the Surface Pro 4 becomes available at a reasonable price before then, FUGETABOUIT! TIA