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  1. Having never looked at NAS systems before I'm finding that the amount of choice is a little overwhelming so I figured I'd ask some people who undoubtedly know more than I. I've been tasked with looking into the possibility of buying a relatively small NAS system, but one which is going to have a slightly task. Firstly, it must support AES-256 encryption - no less is acceptable as this drive will contain sensitive information. Secondly, it must be capable of being attached to Windows desktop PCs, AIX PowerPC servers, and rackmounted windows virtual machines without any hassle. Thirdly is it's workload. It's going to contain millions of very small files (as an example, 20 million TIF scans ranging from 1 kilobyte upto to maybe a few meg. Depends on how big the document was really!). Throughput is the key here - we need to be able to read millions of files, manipulate them, maybe breaking multipage tiffs up to single pages and possibly combining single page scans into new multi-part tif documents. Lastly is the size - somewhere around the 4 - 8 Tb would be good to start with, so I'm thinking of an 8 bay enclosure with a couple of 2Tb drives in there to begin with. The primary use for this kit is to be sent off to a client who will plug it into (probably) a Windows Server (it depends on what they are running their systems on). They'll fill it with data and courier it back to us... hence it must be encrypted. We'll then send the unit off to our datacenter and have it connected to either an AIX 5.3 server or a rack-mounted Windows box. Once this kit is attached to our servers, we'll begin manipulating the data, reading these 20 million small files and producing output directly onto our SAN storage we already have. Because of this workload, performance with small files is particularly important to us. Any suggestions on suitable pieces of equipment? Steve.
  2. Ouch! Although at least I can set some expectations with the management here on what kind of potential performance they're going to (not) see! Many thanks Kevin - this information is really, really appreciated.
  3. Super. Enquiring minds here are most interested to know what the impact of hardware encryption is on one of these devices.
  4. Any idea when the results will be out Kevin? We'd be especially interested in seeing how much of a hit was generated as it'll help with planning the expected timings of the workload if/when we buy something similar.
  5. I should also point out that the encryption is a must. If it can only be done by the processor in the NAS enclosure in software then so be it. We don't have any option about that and if it hits performance to down to the 15 MB/s levels then so be it... still got to be better than a Western Digital SmartBook or whatever they are called! S.
  6. Budget is around the 1000 - 2000 UK pounds mark. Obviously management wants to keep costs down but speed costs, as I keep telling them! I'm hoping that something like a QNAP TS-509 level of kit will be sufficient for our needs but having never used a NAS system before either at work or at home, I've no previous experience to say whether it will be up to the job. Currently, we've been running this kind of exercise using encrypted USB hard-drives, as the volumes have been relatively low (8 million documents delivered over the course of several weeks, with USB hard-drives being couriered to and fro) but now we're moving into the 20 million documents weighing in at 3 or 4 Tb that's becoming unworkable... so we're looking at alternative solutions.