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  1. Buzz

    Intel X25-M Impressions

    I've heared that before about the raptors. But i can tell the difference. It's better when you do lots of i/o. For web surfing and booting your puter, sure... not much of a diff, but you would not expect that either. What i wan't to use the SSD for is VM's. If i have 4-5 VM's in VMware workstation running on a Intel Gen2 SSD, the snappyness and speed when working with these VM's should be in a different world than what i am experiencing now. Theoretically anyway. With VM's on a normal 7200 harddrive, the speed and feel of these systems goes to a crawl when all are working against the disk at once. Also: There are several in here that states: "if you know how to configure you drive for ncq, swap etc.." It would be nice if these persons could explain a little more around this. What exactly do you do to optimize disk performance?
  2. Buzz

    Intel X25-M Impressions

    Still... I'm itching to get my hands on one and test for myself Anyone tried SSD on nForce4/Win7? I'm afraid an SSD upgrade will get me into a mobo/cpu/ram upgrade aswell... wich i really don't need. Maybe i should just get a couple of Vraptors in Raid0 for my "speedstorage" needs instead. I even have a proper adaptec sas controller for that
  3. Buzz

    Intel X25-M Impressions

    According to what i've read from reviews, like the ones at Anand's, that is exactly why you should get an SSD (a newer one with TRIM that is). Superior multitasking performance?? I was contemplating getting an Intel 160GB SSD Gen2 for VM testing, but such threads as this make me think twice. Anyone tried an SSD with older chipsets like nForce 4 as i have myself?
  4. Buzz

    RAID edition? Worth it?

    Just a little comment. I've had two Seagate 7200.11 250GB in Raid-1 on a Adaptec 3405 for well over a year now in daily use. Never had a problem with it.
  5. I need a simple, goog and light prog for mounting CD/DVD ISO's. Any recommendations?
  6. Thanx Seems cind of sluggish though. I would prefer a 4x slot like my old 939 boards from Asus has.
  7. If i understand you correct, you do not have a domain controller for this terminal server? It's a standalone server? How about backup? Without knowing this, i would still advice you to have 2x Raid1 arrays for system/swap to optimizze disk performance for the subsystem. Then you could use a SATA Raid for storage if money is a issue. It depends offcourse what type of data this storage is intended for. SATA will be good enough as long as users only use it for small documents and such. Backup is still adviceable
  8. Ok so i founbd out that in theory it should work, but youre not guaranteed anything.
  9. I see todays motherboards from rarely have a PCIe X4 slot. Everyone has PCIe X16 slots offcourse, and usually a regular PCI and PCIe X1 slots, but no X4. So what do you do when you have a X4 card?? Like a SAS controller in my scenario. This is especially true for the AMD platforms out there, but also a lot of Intel chipset boards are lacking a X4 slot. If you can't use a PCIe X16 slot instead, it suck big time. Both my Asus 939 boards have X4 slots in addition to the X16 and X1 slots.
  10. Seen any reviews? Anyone have these drives? How are noise levels?
  11. Buzz

    Adaptec 3405 boot problem

    Figured it out! The tape drive does not support U160 All ok now it seems
  12. Buzz

    Adaptec 3405 boot problem

    29160LP has arrived and my server now boots with both controllers installed But only if my tape drive (Tandberg SLR7) is not connected. The 29160LP BIOS post will show up first aswell as opposed to the Tekram showing up second to the 3405 Raid's BIOS. If the tape drive is connected the 29160LP won't show it's post screen (only 3405 Raid's BIOS will show at post/boot)and windows device manager shows the 29160LP as a device wich has trouble starting.
  13. Buzz

    Adaptec 3405 boot problem

    Hm, well then i might have a solution after all. I have bought a used Adaptec 29160LP 1CH U160. Should be on its way in the mail by now. Hope this will work instead of the Tekram then
  14. Buzz

    Adaptec 3405 boot problem

    Doesn't seem as it can be disabled. It's a Tekram 390U2W btw...
  15. Buzz

    Adaptec 3405 boot problem

    You can disable the BIOS? Didn't know that. Will trie that if i can figure out how