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  1. Asking 160$ seperate, if you buy them both asking 310$ shipped! OBO I have had these drives for 3 months, purchased new. There is NO remaining manufactures warranty on them. They are U320 SCSI HDD's with 68pin interface. These drives are in good working order. Surface scanned and are perfect. Here is a review: Pictures: These drives are incredibly fast, I had them on a PCIe SCSI RAID controller in RAID0 w/ 128MB Cache as windows and all my programs flew! Please PM or email me with offers. WILLING TO TRADE FOR: 4ghz capable C2D or 3.5ghz capable C2Q w/ motherboard capable of running. Particularly interested atm in: DFI P35/P45 boards w/ 4ghz capable E7200 / E8200 OR BIOSTAR I45
  2. I just bought this HDD. Had a seagate on the system before this new 6400AAKS... On POST the seagate shows up fine as LBA device....but the new 6400AAKS shows up with CHS parameters =( I looked under basic BIOS setup where drives are listed in the BIOS and tried to see if there was a way to force LBA for the new drive...but there isnt =( Problem is my XP clone does not want to boot, and neither will a clean install of XP on the new drive ... CHS seems to be the problem =( I even tried googling around nf4 chs problems and didnt seem to come up with any definitive fix. why is my board only seeing the new drive with CHS parameters? any ideas for a fix? Thanks
  3. gentarkin

    Real world PCI Express bandwidth

    perhaps your seeing half that because, I believe the 250MB/sec for x1 is rated in such if there was 2 way traffic at the same time. fully duplex traffic in other words. I would think running a read test speed on your controller (drives) is one way communication...therefore half of what its duplex speed would be. Is this in any way a correct speculation? ROFL I get the same sort of result with my SCSI RAID PCIE x8 card. Bleh well ignore me...maybe I am wrong, maybe it is 250MB/sec each way...I thought it was 250MB/sec total lol.....
  4. gentarkin

    AMD 780G

    Just dont use AMD's 125w TDP CPU's in these, you risk blowing the board in seconds, as these boards all have very cheap PWM designs, generally only 3 or 4 phase.
  5. does anyone know, if I can just say buy some DDR 333 ECC 512MB from newegg...and will it work in this controller? or does it take a specific type of make / bla bla bla of this type of RAM. I read through the manuals and everything and I see nowhere saying it takes a really specific type other than anything from 64MB-512MB DDR 266/333 ECC
  6. yeah thats what I experience with my controller also for the ATTO scores. I have a MegaRAID 320-2E w/ 128MB cache on it and it fools the heck out of benchmarks that dont access the drive directly. My atto is out of this world like yours because I think ATTO only uses a 32MB test file or something...that entire 32MB fits into your cache on the controller. I know SiSoft Sandra file system test ( if you wanted to get a nice file system performance eval ) makes a 2GB test I know thats too big to fit in cache so it actually tests the performance quite well. HD TACH on the other hand tests the drive directly bypassing the cache for the most part...cept in a few cases Ive noticed that the Burst test will get tested in my controllers cache and be really high.
  7. I recently purchased OEM new w/ 1year warranty 147GB Maxtor Atlas II drive off ebay just one... along with the controller card mentioned in topic description. I am in a bit of a quandary here about what I should go with when I get my second Maxtor Atlas II 147GB. The drive by itself is fast as hell to begin with and I love it... My partitions schemes in my PC are C: is windows and general applications F: is my partitions for installed games G: is my storage partition/drive T: is my 5GB temporary storage for DVD images in queue waiting to be written. I do not need more than 300GB total for both C and F I figured I can make a RAID 0 with both these drives and be for right now I have C and F on just one 147GB minus a few games I uninstalled to make it all fit. But Im wondering should I just use one drive for my C: drive and the other 147GB seperately for my F: game installation drive? Or should I put the 2 147's in RAID 0 and partition the RAID 0 for the performance gain... would there be enough performance gain to justify the data integrity potential loss and Ive read that access times can increase with RAID 0...possibly?... not sure really. Please let me know what you all think. Thanks, Jason
  8. gentarkin

    Question about LSI 320-2e RAID controller

    well I got it working now. YAY heres what happened last night: I put the jumper on the converter card to synchronous. changed the SCSI ID to 0 on the drive in doing so. I then tried making a logical drive and it still errored out =( I did not format the drive at this point ... I still am not sure if you have to use the controllers built in format command before setting up logical drives or not. I then put the SCSI cable on the other channel on the controller card. I believe I tried making a logical drive then and it still errored out. I then used controllers format command and it completed the format successfully!!!! Then I made the logical drive and BAM...its working now ... yay =) So, I dont know if the one channel on my controller is bad or maybe I didnt have the cable snug on the other channel (seemed like it was) or if...when I tried formatting it before it didnt like doing it in async mode before I put that jumper on sync. Or Drive is fast as hell as I imaged my OS and my Gaming partitions over to it....OMG In benches...I still have to find a good benchmark but w/ atto default settings it starts out 20MB/sec read and write on .5 byte size and ends in the 100MB/sec at 1024kb size PC Wizard 2007 buffer read and write around 300MB/sec random read is 90MB/sec and sustained write is for some reason around 50MB/sec but sustained read came up as 190MB/sec access time is around 5ms Im guessing the 128MB cache on my controller is skewing the numbers a bit =P
  9. gentarkin

    Best app for data recovery

    I have to say Ive used the ontrack data recovery before actually plenty times on both failing drives and good ones that had been deleted... But now more commonly Ive been using DataGetBackNTFS and RAIDreconstructor for recreating raids not even on raid controllers. DataGetBack has had some AMAZING results. It even recovered files from an SD card that somehow lost its got every single one back uncorrupted.
  10. gentarkin

    Question about LSI 320-2e RAID controller

    Yes , I discovered what you said last night =) But here is my next problem and its worrying me. I have been creating RAID 0 single drive array for this controller and its always errored out on initializing it...I figured this whole time it was just the fact you cant really make RAID 0 with one drive (traditionally) So that made sense to me, but now there is this same problem it fails on init of the logical drive =( I tried to format the drive last night and it said FAIL about 1hour into the formatting of it. Im hoping so much its not a bad drive. Now heres the thing Im hoping it is: I am using a 80 to 68pin SCSI converter for my drive, its ID is set to 1 and the cable has termination on the end, so its a non terminated converter. Oddly enough or I dont know if this is right or wrong...when I look up my drive info on the controller it says its mode is SCSI-3 now that my problem? would that mode cause drive to not initialize right cuz the little converter adapter is keeping drive at SCSI-3? or am I dumb and thats how SCSI 320 just reports as SCSI-3 on this RAID controller? Also...another question should I try the synchronous jumper on the 80 to 68pin converter...what mode is better for SCSI sync or async? So with all this info do you think its my little converter card from 80 to 68 thats causing the issue...or is my drive bad? - Its a brand new sealed bag not refurb and not recert drive as of a week ago =( Thanks for all your help Jason
  11. I dont know if this is the case or not but one drive is just not working out for me on this controller. I bought this nice set up - that controller and a 147GB Maxtor Atlas II 15k....just that one drive and I Was hoping this controller could do just the one drive but it seems it wont =( can anyone tell me how or if this controller can do non array disk setups at all, with just one drive in no RAID.... Thanks, Jason
  12. gentarkin

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    hrm...I wonder what the next recording technology will be for hard disks...maybe something crazy like stacked bits on a single surface...kinda like dual layer DVD's or something? hehe would be crazy. perpendicular isnt a crazy new technology though, its simply just formatting the bits differently, format I mean the schematic at which they are layed out next to each other(layed out standing up rather than on their side)...anyways thats how I see it. I wonder why this wasnt done years ago...I think its pretty simple..or at least seagate made it look simple lol =)
  13. gentarkin

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    my chipset does not support SATAII it is the nforce3 250GB chipset =). it looks like our drives are the same though. So, I guess th newer versions of this drive or lately shipping models have full 166GB platters. ours probably have the same amount of noise too.... - - there isnt any =) Im starting to like my drive more and more...its not like qwe's but his may have been an early revision one of them dumping off faulty/extra platters and short stroking them...lucky for him =). still you are right alexanderino...above 50MB/sec for what...80-90% of the drive?? that is pretty amazing. This drive currently holds fastest STR of all 7200rpm drives on the market correct? thats pretty cool =)
  14. gentarkin

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    here you go are the results from HD Tune. LOL the big droop there is my screen saver kickin in...oops =( it would seam maybe I just got 2 full size 160GB platters in here =(...if they were short stroke wouldnt I have a lower access time too? ...sux tho looks like I got the bad end of the drives in performance but being its so freakin quiet...I think it balances each other out. Im coming from a 7200.7 160GB drive...too bad it had a 12.6ms latency...but its STR was much lower it started at 60 or so and ended at 30ish I will try to get a SS of that other program soon, it just takes so long to run it lol
  15. gentarkin

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    Well I just got the 320GB model. I guess its not short stroked =( kinda under my expectations after seeing your guys screenshots. Anyhow the thing is AMAZINGLY quiet...I cant hear it do ANYTHING.