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  1. I have an LSI 9271-8i without a BBU. I have the following settings applied: Write Policy: Write Back Read Policy: Always Read Ahead IO Policy: Direct IO Access Policy: Read Write Disk Cache Policy: Disabled Background Initialisation: Enabled What do you think of these settings? Should I may any changes for better performance? Many thanks Phil
  2. Hi Will the new WD Red Pro drives work as regular drives in a PC? I see "Storage for 8 to 16 bay NAS solutions" mentioned alot but I'd like to use them in my PC and home-made NAS server. Thanks Phil
  3. Just spoke to Seagate, they confirmed it's a 4 platter drive - 1TB per platter.
  4. I've had a look on the Seagate website, and they say it's a 7200RPM drive, but give no info on how many platters. I've asked one of our IT suppliers who say they're 1TB platters. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks Phil
  5. Hi, I have two Seagate Constellation.2 drives with firmware version SN01. I've come across a Dell re-badged drive which has the same model code as my other two drives, but the firmware version is different. This wouldn't normally be an issue, but as I'm planning on using the drives in a RAID 5 array (using an LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i controller card). Will the different firmware cause any probs? Many thanks Phil