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  1. Vantage

    Veritas BackupExec substitute?

    Its all about Bacula!! Have used it on and off since V1.6. Its stable and now has excellent handling of Disks as storage as opposed to tapes...
  2. Vantage

    Duplicating low level formats

    I tried that slice by slice (Avoiding slice 2) But I think It may be a better idea to just DD slice 2 onto slice 2. That should (I hope) take the partitioning over with it. Any thoughts on that?
  3. I have a few EMC Clariion SANs that I have been using for a few years. One recently lost a drive and I had to call EMC for a replacement. This cost WAY to much. I paid 3 times the cost of the drive due to the layout of the drive. The drive they sent was a simple, eveyday 160G Western Dig sata. The formating of the drive is such that an off the shelf drive wouldnt work. Has anyone worked on how to duplicate the formatting of drives like this? I imagine it is something like SUN HDs and their formatting. The way that all drives come out with the exact same space, no matter the manufacturer. It is pretty easy to deal with the SUN system, but I cannot find docs on the EMC system or a way to duplicate it. Thanks.
  4. Vantage

    Solaris revisited

    Alpha, I must agree. I have been a pretty heavy solaris user since 5.8. I was not at all happy with 5.9 but 5.10....... WOW. I am typing to you from my ultra60 Workstation. I have been using 10 on the desktop since it dropped. Its great. Finaly a decent patch management method!!! Performance of 10, in my opinion, is not at all bad. Very close to what I expect out of freebsd, and I get the added scaleability of Solaris. It has an excelent desktop (Java Desktop aka Gnome) and all the tools I normaly install on my own. When used with Sparc hardware you gain use of a large number of hardware specific commands. It has the best drive management systems I have seen standard in an OS. In my mind, it rivals veritas. (I have also been testing ZFS.... and have nothing but good things to say.) The only thing that needs to be improved are the development tools. Sun Studio11 needs to be worked on. It needs to have more compatable libraries with GCC and other GNU compilers. That is still holding back Solaris adoption a good bit. Overall, Solaris10 is one of the best *nixs out there.
  5. Vantage

    Long Time No Participate.

    It didnt bluescreen. I got there and it had already tried to reboot. It was locked at the boot screen. Just prior to password prompt. The only error message was " Hard Error" I tried to reboot. I got past password entry and then it hard rebooted. Right to the bios.. No blue screen. I hadnt thought about it prior to this but that was probably pretty odd... That it didnt bluescreen.... I havent realy plaid with many 2K servers. I mostly do the security and our routing... I also work on our BSD boxen. Windows and I dont get along... and its not a relationship I really feel like improving.
  6. Vantage

    Long Time No Participate.

    The device, \Device\Scsi\adpu3202, did not respond within the timout period. I got 3 of those... One about 5 minutes before the box died... then 2 1 second appart about 5 seconds before the box died. Thats the only message in any of the logs pertaining to the drives. And on reboot the only error shows was... "Hard Error"
  7. Vantage

    Long Time No Participate.

    Honold. Im not sure if it is just something common to this combo of hardware.. But this seams to happen to us whenever one of these drives die. The server will crash.. You will not be able to get it back up without putting the good drive (So far always the drive in position 1) into position 0. Once there it will get mostly through boot, but then havng with a "hard failure" and reboot. This process cycles until you place a blank drive in position 1. then it boots. I can get to drive manager to either break the array of rebuild it with the new drive. This seams strange to me.. I would have thoug that it should have stayed up.. and just warned about the bad drive.. or.. at least been able to boot off from one drive and function. Our office is a 5 minute drive fromthe DataCenter so.. It doesnt take long for us to get there and replace the drive.. but untill this last failure we realy didnt pay much attantion to the common threads. Each failure had been handled by a differant admin. ( We opperate 24/7 so there are a few of us) so we didnt have spare drives in the cabinets to handle these situations....
  8. Vantage

    Long Time No Participate.

    Unfortunatly HisMajestyTheKing. When I say Boss.... Its with a Capital B. He ownes the place. And I can Extoll the virtues of hardware raid all day, and I have. He aint spending. Its a miracle we have SCSI at all. Is there any way to make this windows software raid more fault tollerant? I certainly dont want to run the server indefinatly without the 2nd drive in the mirror, but It would be nice if it didnt crash when the drive went bad. We have SNMP monitoring the drives so we do now when we have a problme about 30 sec before the box just drops....
  9. Hello all, Long time no see.... I have been around but work = HELL.... Im doing this horrid 6x12Hr schedule and sleep is a rare thing. Here goes. We have over 90 Windows2K servers with software raid1 boot partitions. The boss thought it cost effective to purchase $20 referbished 15K seagate Cheatahs. Wow they are fast... And they die after a few months. Pretty high failure rate.. Over 10 drives in the last 3 months. Wouldnt be SO bad if the boxes would boot up to the second drive. But they insist on having the secondary drive in the raid partition placed in the 0 position and a drive to be present in the 1 position in order to boot again. (They will BOOT without a drive in the 1 position, but Windows anounces a "Hard Failure" and shutsdown till you place a drive in the 1 position) The boot.ini seams to be writen correctly. But for some reason they demand this swap... All the boxes are SCA so it isnt the end of the world, But it is EXTREMELY inconvenient. In 3 months we have had total outage due to HD failure of over 9 hours. Am I looking at a LOT more downtime here?? I get the word that we are NOT replacing these drives. Apparently we are going to wait out the failures. (Please dont mention that I should convince my boss he was A. Dumb B. Stupid C. that we should change them all out now Etc Etc I have tried... Its NOT happening) What does the propper boot.ini look like?? Anyone got a sample I can compare against? Is this a common problem??? Not havign the ability to boot from the second drive in the array? Is it common for the failure of the primary drive to take down the box?? I would have thought not.. Any thoughts?? (Besides the obvious.... I.E. Cheap Drives are BAD) James
  10. Vantage

    Sr Ut2004 Server

    I may be able to put a box together in a couple of weeks..... I need to put some cash together for the hardware.... If anyone has an older Rackmount box... I have a few U of space left in my rack and I will donate the bandwidth... If not Ill put one together when I can.... James
  11. Vantage

    Sr Ut2004 Server

    What kinda box will this take. Lotsa horsepower?? Ram??? I have the bandwidth but I would have to get a box put together......... James
  12. I lost 2 of 3 HDs in a mission critical server the other day... This box wasnt put together to store data this important so it has no raid volumes. I am getting ready to purchase a Raid card. I m going Raid1 with 2 seagate 10K drives. I am also setting up raid1 amoung 2 atlasIV 9Gb s. This will be the boot device. I am running FreeBSD 4.9 but plan to update to 5.2 once it has been released. the box is an Intel BX server board with 2 PIII-500s and 1.5G of ram. I am looking for the raid card that will be the fastest while set up in Raid1. I am willing to put down any reasonable amount. What experiances have you guys had?? Any suggestions??
  13. Vantage

    Firewall recommendations

    Honold, I have never had a problem updating just the kernel in Open. (Although I know it isnt recomended..) that very well maybe because it happens so infrequently that updates are needed for security reasons and I wouldnt update just to get a new version. Nice update method by the way. I usualy update what is needed from source... and leave the base distro alone.... I have never realy run into an instance when updating the whole system has been needed. Although we all have clients that just want something new... because it is new... so I reinstall from time to time just to satisfy those few. Le Eliminateur, With OpenBSD I find very few times when updates are NEEDED.. I tend to ignore most local security issues... there are a few I will patch but mostly I just monitor it for remote issues and as OpenBSD (Theo) brags... "Only one remote hole in the default install, in more than 7 years!" So it hasnt realy been an issue. As for best choice... OpenBSD has the best packet filtering setup by far... I think you will find the rules for PF (the OpenBSD firewall) MUCH easier than IPFW(FreeBSD) or pretty much any other OpenSource firewall.
  14. Vantage

    Firewall recommendations

    Honold, I was speaking of kernel updates... not of building a new kernel for streamlining or for device support... although it is still sometimes needed for device support. As for not using packages.... I know dozens of people who use freeBSD as a desktop and they ALL use packages. In fact I dont think I have ever met a FreeBSD user who doesnt. I doubt I ever will. The PortUpgrade tool is a very handy tool. I tend to, and I know it is not correct, include ALL update tools in a general PKG tool statement. so I am sorry to be confusing there. I was using the one term to cover all of the update features. I should have been more clear. The basic statement I was trying to make was... While I prefer to use OpenBSD as a firewall... I will admit that FreeBSD has a much easier update/upgrade system/s
  15. Vantage

    Firewall recommendations

    True, APT is an increadable tool... I am actualy looking into installing it on My redhat desktop. but the FreeBSD PKG tools can pretty much do anything short of compiling a new kernel. and if you are going to use a linux or BSD system of any kind you should learn to do that manualy.... Honold do you know if FreeBSD offers default kernels to download and update on a regular basis like most of the mojor linux distros do.... that would be handy in a situationlike this... I know Open Doesnt but I have always compiled my own and havent looked for that on a freeBSD system..