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  1. This week Plextor is at one of world’s most important computer shows Computex 2012 During the show we’re placing our very own agent at your disposal. Agent Speed will be on a special mission as your man on inside of Computex. Send him to ask the questions you want, get further intelligence on the new products you’ve seen in tech blogs. Suggest topics you’re interested and we’ll send him to get the story, then you also get a chance to win the day’s swag bag from Plextor. Plextor Global Facebook Page:
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    Plextor PX-M3S SSD Review Discussion

    As a side note there as a M3 firmware update that fixes comparability issues with notebooks M3 Ver 1.01 If you have the M2P you should be using Ver 1.06 which came out in December -Please read the instructions carefully before upgrading- Both can be found here -
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    Plextor PX-M3P SSD Announced Discussion

    Just to confirm yes this is being offered in parallel and if you are in the US you should be seeing the Pro in shops sometime after the 15th of Feb. Speed- PCMark7 Storage Score 5441 Max speeds (SATA 6Gb/s) Sequential Read Speed 540 MB/s Sequential Write Speed 450 MB/s Random Read Speed 75,000 (IOPS 4KB) Random Write Speed 69,000 (IOPS 4KB) There is a video with a comparison against other brands (but I'm not allowed to show names so...) on our Facebook here Note for all Plextor SSDs: Speeds will remain consistent for compressible and non-compressible data so there will be no performance loss for video, MP3, JPEG photographs etc. The Marvell controller doesn't compress which means that for some operations it will be slower, however it also means that the quoted speeds should be fairly realistic. True Speed technology ensures that the drive returns to like-new performance after intense/prolonged use. This system is automatic and operates even on OSs without TRIM support.
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    Plextor PX-M3S SSD Review Discussion

    I doesn't have a bug as far as I know - my comment was in relation to this bit why Storage Review hadn't mentioned the issue in the review and if there was a problem. Brian suggested that it might be a firmware problem and he could be right, but it might not be or it might occur in very specific circumstances. I've given the engineers a heads up so they can have look at it. But at the moment I'm just guessing and so I'd be interested to hear if the problem occurs with the new review drives. If it is an issue then we'll get it fixed as soon as we're able. -Edited so that it's clearer what I meant-
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    Plextor PX-M3S SSD Review Discussion

    Hi this Bob from Plextor's Facebook team, @Mike, Brian is right about the quality of the NAND - from what I understand the decision (I wasn't involved with it) to go with aggressive pricing on this drive is for two reasons: We're working very closely with Toshiba on this one and were able to get the flash more competitively. And as much as anyone else we're aware of the global economy, so the in some places the M3S marketing will highlight the SSD as a drop-in performance upgrade for a desktop/laptop (more economical than buying a new machine). @mabolitz The compression on SF based drives in a technique to improve controller performance in terms of speed, with it SF drives can reach maximum performance with highly compressible data. The Marvell controllers we use don't implement it, but this means that performance doesn't vary so much for different types of data and that the performance quoted in our marketing should be more accurate. You can also use drive compression to get more on your SSD, but there is an active discussion going on about the pros and cons of that especially with different controllers. @johnw42 storagereview were probably being kind as it's a new product, but it should have been caught in testing. @Liam_xi the drive is in full production so if you go for the M3S it shouldn't take long to filter down through the supply line @Brian I hope that we haven't hijacked the thread too much, looking forward to the updated review. If we can be helpful we'll try and respond to comments we see in Storage Review. In the meantime please do feel free to join Plextor Global Facebook and I'll try and keep the M3S updates flowing on that