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  1. GoHack

    X15 Random accesses / rattle noise

    I just recently purchased the Seagate Cheetah X15 18.4 gig, w/8 meg cache (ST318452LW), together w/an Adaptec 29160 controller, and it's absolutely quiet. I presently have my case open, and I don't hear anything, except for my cooling fans of course, which aren't that loud. The HD isn't isolated w/any form of rubber. I'm quit happy w/the drive, which by the way is my first SCSI HD. My previous setup was a four IDE drive RAID 0 setup. While the new WD 100 and 120 gig w/8 meg cache HD's may be fast, in relation to IDE performance, but I didn't need all that HD space. Besides, I I wanted "the" fastest HD available. As an engineer, my system at work has only around 10 gig HD (IDE) space, and to date, is only perhaps half full w/large solid model CAD files (Solid Works 2001+), after over two years there. Some of these files are quit large and take over 5 minutes to load. Boy I wish I had an X15 there. Anyway, rather than continuing to increase the space on HD's, I wish they would start to concentrate on performance and larger cache.
  2. Don't forget to study their driver support. They are really getting bad in providing drivers either on time, or providing any at all.
  3. GoHack

    Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB

    Aren't HD capacities far exceeding what is, in real life, truely needed? I've got four, 10 gig HD's, set up as RAID. With them, I've got, at most, only 25%, or 10 gigs used up. Now were talking about 120 gigs. How about slowing down w/increasing capacity, and improving performance? We know it can be done, as the WD 1200JB proves. Just imagine a single platter, w/the same technology as the WD? I'd love to set up four 1200JB's, set up as RAID, but what would I do w/all that space? I couldn't even use up a single 1200JB.
  4. "Bit much for me meaning I was running a raid 0 set on it, which I could of done with any old raid card." From what I've read, the 2400A is the best performing IDE RAID card available, especially in RAID 0. It has the benefits of being a four channel card, as well as the on board memory cache. I've been thinking about buying one. I don't want to deal w/Promise any more w/there bad support. "No, it's maybe 3 months old. Why would I sell it if there was something wrong with it?" I didn't mean phycially wrong, I meant that it won't work w/your hardware setup. My FT66 won't work at all w/my new ECS D6VAA m/b, while it worked fine w/my old Abit BP6 m/b. Anyway, you personally didn't notice any performance improvements w/it vs. your old RAID card?
  5. Why exactly are you selling your 2400A? What do you mean that the card is a bit much for you? Is there something wrong w/it? Finally, what do you mean by: "I have 100+ Pos. heatware for your reference as well." Thanks.