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    OCZ Petrol SSD Review Discussion

    I like seeing more entry level SSDs that push the prices down but I'm struggling to find this for significantly less than a Crucial M4. On Amazon this one costs more than the Octane and Agility 3.
  2. I understand now, thanks for the replies.
  3. Thanks for the review. You write that the smaller capacities have been short stroked to achieve their smaller capacities, does that mean that even the 250GB is technically a 1TB drive? My ignorance might be showing here but isn't that a waste on their part to charge less for the same hardware? Or are they are some other factors at play here? I know CPUs manufacturers disable cores to salvage defective dies but that doesn't seem applicable here.
  4. geenp

    OCZ Octane SSD Review (128GB) Discussion

    Thanks, I get it now.
  5. geenp

    OCZ Octane SSD Review (128GB) Discussion

    I know that but I was under the impression that some are affected more than others. Is that not the case? This is quite a large reduction but then again, I have not seen any other reviews comparing a 512GB drive and a 128gb. Happy to be proven wrong, it'll make any future purchase easier.
  6. geenp

    OCZ Octane SSD Review (128GB) Discussion

    I was wondering if speeds would drop with capacity like on some other controllers and it seems like they do, doesn't seem like the best value right now. Thanks for reviewing this one.
  7. $2799 is a kinda steep. I find it odd that they are marketing a very Apple-esque product towards the very people who are least likely to buy an Apple product.
  8. The WD MyBook Studio II has user replaceable drives but this is only in the dual drive version and for the price you might be better off with a enclosure + drive.
  9. geenp

    OCZ Octane SSD Review

    Thanks for the review, I've been waiting for this one. I've noticed that none of the reviews have tested capacities other than 512gb. I know the performance gap between the large and small capacities varies between controllers but I was wondering if you have any idea how the smaller capacities perform. Seems almost like OCZ made sure people only got to test the 512gb model.