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    Anti-Virus Advice

    I use AVG for my computer and I don't think I can afford a subscription (in other words, I'm freebie dependent). The only way I've managed to really secure my computer from viruses is by using this unique feature that came with the PC unit. I'm not sure if anyone here has heard of it but it's called Ram Disk Mode. I don't how it works exactly (being the tech noob that I am ), but switching to this mode sorta 'freezes' my computer's memory so any weird or unexpected changes that happen to it can just be reversed by hitting reset. However, it kind of causes my computer to slow down drastically and it's one of the reasons why I'm thinking investing in a new desktop. Unfortunately, I'm still quite attached to my current PC's Ram Disk Mode because it's the only way I've managed to download, stream, and stick a flash disk into it without having to reformat the darn thing because a virus got in. Seriously, I'm in a dilemma. Sure I could just keep the old desktop and use it for downloads and stuff but... I don't know how the rest of my family is going to like it. (My mother especially. She hates things taking up space since our house is quite small.)
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    Anti-Virus Advice

    tahnk you for posting...
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    What are the basic traits of a good hard drive?

    Hmm... is an average of filling 300 MB a week very fast? I see. Perhaps putting high-end games in it is out of the question. What about small games like this though? Okay, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.
  4. I'm complete computer noob (as I've stated before in another thread I made). The only quality I like to emphasize in a hard drive is having a ton of space but looking through these forums, I feel like there might be more to it. Can anyone help me so I'll know how to choose them better?
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    Anti-Virus Advice

    All right, thanks! Actually, I think it does something like that (which would explain why my computer is slower every time I use that mode). Still, it was already built-in my PC. It used to be one of the PCs in my parents' internet cafe before we had to close down. I really don't know how it works or how I could get a new PC to do the same thing. Whatever lets me switch into these modes actually starts up when I boot up the computer (right before the Windows loading screen). I do know one thing. It says it's a Red Fox product (although I can't find my model any more on the company website). Erk... that's my problem. There are times where I definitely wind up in pretty shady sites out of necessity.
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    What are the basic traits of a good hard drive?

    Portable most likely. That's what my friend uses. Anything with those sizes though sound good enough for me. Although, I wouldn't mind an estimate of how long it would take before I might fill it up. I have this nasty habit of underestimating the rate of how much stuff I put in. I mean, got a 16 GB flash disk last Christmas and yet barely six months later, it's down to less than 5GB and I'm transferring/burning most of the contents on DVDs. >_<;;; I got a question though, do you know any particular brands of portable hard drives where I might actually be able to install some games? Just curious. It looks like I might have to stick with regular USB types. It's not really my PC but it's the fact the 2.0 variety is still the most common in my area. I'm not sure I'd be able to exchange files with my friends if I used something more advanced. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll take a look at the reviews too. I think I might have one of those lying around actually (and it has my old games still in it no less). I've been wondering about the enclosure bit though as my dad is the only person I've seen use one. Got anything I need to know before I try it myself? I've already some experience with putting hardware into the bays of a CPU (I did it with a DVD drive a few times).
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    World Backup Day is Today(3/31)

    i did not backed-up once.. then the computer suddenly shut down.. good thing our computer have redeemed all the files i've edited and made.. it would be a waste of time and effort if that wasn't recovered..
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    What are the basic traits of a good hard drive?

    Thanks for the names. I'll write these down later and see if any of the local shops have them. Given that I'm a big-time anime geek... yeah my addictions tend to be a bit high (along with the amount space I end up using on any storage device that falls into my hands TwT). It's for my desktop mostly. I've actually been thinking of getting an external hard drive (as you have suggested) once I get my hands on a laptop. My friend (and fellow otaku) actually carries everything in one instead of his laptop. Can you give me any suggestions on how to pick a good one? In the case of external ones, I'll probably use up most of the space for videos (along with some music, images, and maybe a few installers). I can't see the point in carrying games in it. Ooh! Thanks! I'll do that soon. I've been traumatized by virus attacks on more than one occasion. >_<;;;
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    The Leaderboard..

    ahmn...I don't have any idea,,But thanks for the info.
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    Upgrading Windows from 1.0 to 7

    well,. even though i didn't given a chance to use and explore the environment of windows 1.0 ... i can say that it is really amazing as my instructor told us.. and based on my research...
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    What are the basic traits of a good hard drive?

    Okay, so I need to define a purpose for it. Well I'm a gamer who likes stockpiling videos of his favorite anime, has a tendency to like games that use up gigabyte chunks of space, and at the same time, I'm a little paranoid about viruses so I feel tempted to have a computer with this little function that keeps it 'frozen' (meaning it doesn't save changes unless I 'unfreeze' it). Does that help or do I have to elaborate further? >_<;;;
  12. To tell you the truth, I've never had one. People keep nagging me to save up for a Macbook since I'm a writer but I don't know. I'm also a gamer of sorts (I guess you could put me between casual to occasionally hardcore). I also like to watch videos, listen to music, and read ebooks/comics on the PC so I guess a DVD player/writer would also be a necessity. Any suggestions?
  13. haideeerpsoftware

    Can I ask for a laptop/notebook suggestion?

    1000 bucks...? Okay, my brother wasn't kidding. I'm definitely saving up big-time. >_<;; The computer games I'd want to carry around definitely struck me as the type to have the latest graphics cards. So with that said, I don't suppose I have to make a distinction between a laptop and notebook at this point do I? Thanks for the suggestions. Everyone else too, thanks for your giving me your time. I'll look up all the ones you guys suggested. And who knows? If I find something that might be closer, I'll consult with you all. P.S. Although just for future reference (in response to continuum), I don't live in the US. ^^;
  14. haideeerpsoftware

    Can I ask for a laptop/notebook suggestion?

    Yikes, I'm probably an even bigger noob when it comes to pricing. What's the usual price that people buy a laptop/notebook for these days? I'll admit, I'm a bit of cheapskate but... Well I have been seriously considering of replacing my old desktop PC. A laptop though would get more use from me because I'm always out (be it for work, meeting up with friends etc). Still, I do plan on relying on it as a portable storage space in case my current flash disk isn't enough (and frankly, it's been a while since I cleared that little thing up ).