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  1. Oh man, this article broke me in two. At least I'm less ignorant about the true capabilities of RAID-0 with SATA II. And I was so juiced about the Promise TX4200 and two Seagate Barracuda 7200.7's or .8's with RAID-0 and NCQ. What will it take then to vastly improve storage device performance for a single-user box? Forget solid-state, cause I'm poor and I've heard its not progressing. Is there going to be a "re-test" when optimizations have been made to hardware controller, drives and drivers (if any)? I guess I had gotten my hopes up with this other article: Thanks for your professional reviews.
  2. ausias

    Windows user restrictions.

    Did you install the OS, or did it come pre-installed (computer you got from a friend of from work or a business)? How many drives and partitions? What file systems do they have? Are you running any file system encryption software? Running any out of the ordinary programs (admin type)? Have you checked for viruses? (i know, blanket questions, but might lead to something)