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  1. Any word on what other companies might roll out drives with Silicon Motion's controller? Good to see more competition in the space. I know PNY's Optima series is also out now.
  2. Hi! I like the site, and while the storage industry news is interesting I'm much less interested in that than in your excellent reviews. I was wondering if you could set up separate RSS feeds for your news and articles, sort of like how the guys at The Tech Report do it. I'm trying to trim back on the content I filter through daily. With several sites I'm going have to unsubscribe from their main feeds altogether and just check their articles pages manually every so often, but it'd be a lot handier if there were a few dedicated feeds.
  3. Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ v2 Review Discussion

    The 3.0 ports being on the back is just crappy design. A 3.0 pinout and a short run of cable couldn't cost more than $5; why not have one 3.0 port up front and one on the back? I appreciate that the 3.0 ports are there — it's progress — but unless you have the unit situated so that the back is easily accessible, you'll have to resort either to having an extension cable lying on top of or under the unit (which is ugly) or you'll have to physically move the unit around or lean over it to finagle a plug into one of the sockets. Apart from that issue this seems to be a great product.
  4. SSD Giveaway Thread!

  5. SSD Giveaway Thread!

    Another one down, another one down...
  6. SSD Giveaway Thread!

    And again.
  7. SSD Giveaway Thread!

    Six oranges is half as many as twelve oranges.
  8. SSD Giveaway Thread!

    Lord Jambe Lowenbrau the Fifth.
  9. SSD Giveaway Thread!

    Four comes after three and before five. The more you know!
  10. SSD Giveaway Thread!

    Why not, the third.
  11. SSD Giveaway Thread!

    Free is good x2.
  12. SSD Giveaway Thread!

    Free is good.
  13. Pogoplug Mobile Review Discussion

    Seems like a neat little device for the money. This is probably pedantic of me, but the word "it's" is only appropriate for contractions (it is or it was). The possessive form of the word "it" is "its" with no apostrophe! Also, "unobtrusive and easy to hid away" — hid needs an e there!
  14. Expansion I could understand, but 3.0'd be handy for regular dumping to/from for home transport or a physical off-site routine or whatever. Are there any 2-bays out there with USB 3.0 on the front? Or any NAS boxes with USB 3.0 period? /edit: I mean, I'm not aware how expensive the USB 3.0 chips are but I do know there are several more controllers on the market now so it must be coming down... and this is their premium/flagship 2-bay, yes?
  15. Are USB 3.0 chips just too expensive to be added to these "high-performance" NAS boxes? Sadface.