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  1. TheEldest

    Micron 5100 ECO SSD Review Discussion

    Have you considered using the TPC-H test in Benchmark Factory with SQL Server to test Read Intensive drives? Also, the fact that the Toshiba RI drive did well in an OLTP test doesn't really tell us anything besides the fact that it can do well in workloads it's not designed for. Car & Driver doesn't test sports cars' ability to tow a boat. And if they did, and one sports car stood out as having good towing ability, we wouldn't think that makes it a better sports car. Right? Try out TPC-H, should be pretty easy to add it to your process if you're already doing SQL Server and Benchmark Factory.
  2. TheEldest

    Micron 5100 ECO SSD Review Discussion

    Have you considered running non-OLTP tests on Read-Intensive drives? Seems like it would make more sense as this drive obviously isn't targeted toward the workloads you tested...
  3. " These include its 720TB, 2U Lustre storage system, as well as a single NVMe over a Fabric, 24-drive all flash array which they state can hit over 4.8 million IOPS with single-digit microsecond latency. " That's got to be a typo. Milliseconds instead of microseconds. The best NVMe drives can only hit about 150 microseconds of latency.