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    Samsung SSD 850 PRO Review Discussion

    Its about time SSD findly come to point where they are durable on the read and writes.....
  2. Ricky_005

    Storage config for workstation

    Running on my HP Z800 the OCZ Synapse for 2 1/2 years gave me no problems at all. I used my system 8 to 10 hours a day. As for Nvelo which created Dataplex it was rather obvious they would have eventually create serious problems for the SSD drive manufactures.
  3. Ricky_005

    Storage config for workstation

    For the workload involved should not be too much of a concern …. I’m just running XAMPP Server …. Various code editors and graphic editing programs etc. As I said the OCZ Synapse 32GB drive performed quite well for me. The problem is, they are no longer available as Samsung bought out Nvelo which created Dataplex. It worked so well they wanted it off the market. My reason behind using a cache system is that when the SSD fails I have two spinners in raid level 1 still operating. I can buy a used MegaRAID controller, CacheCade Pro 2.0 setup off ebay for about $400 bucks. My main concern I guess is the controller being able to maintain the health of the raid 1 setup without becoming corrupt.
  4. Is this still one of the best options for a workstation? For example I do a lot of web development and need a very stable reliable storage system. My OCZ Synapse 32GB drive performed quite well for 2 ½ years and has finely crapped out on me. I want to stay with a cache system as it performed quite well for me. My current system is an HP Z800 …. A rather old computer but still performs nicely. Xeon X5570 @2.93GHz 12GB of ram My thoughts of a configuration is as follows: MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i w/ BBU MegaRAID CacheCade Pro 2.0 software & Key (2) WD BLACK SERIES 2TB drives in a Raid 1 configuration Short stroking the drives down to around 600GB Samsung or Intel 128GB or a 256GB SSD provisioned down 50%What do you think, a reliable storage system? One more thing, Their is no Trim on the MegaRAID cards only Garbage Collection. Is this anything to be concerned with sense I am provisioning down 50%? Or .....do I just buy a Samsung 500GB SSD drive for $270 and perform daily backups to a spinner?
  5. Some of the manufactures as you listed don't pay enough to have there drives included. You are 110% correct, they should all be included to be a complete non bias review. As for SSD Speed I think for the most part its hog wash at this point in time! We want reliable SSD at these prices, discussions and testing performed to determine long term reliability!!! We all know who the guilty parties are.
  6. 1. Do you believe Plextor has the in-house talent to develop enterprise grade firmware? 2. Do you think the M2P has enterprise class firmware now? 3. Do you believe its possible to create a reliable enterprise drive based on consumer hardware by installing enterprise class firmware?
  7. If a product on Newegg has lets say for example purposes 100+ reviews. I find the sample rate adequate and amazingly accurate in most situations. What is troubling is when 5 eggs dips below 60% and 1 egg approaching 20% or greater is a sign of serious problems with the product. If market/product expectations aren't met, this is the pattern you'll find in the Newegg statistical Egg rating!
  8. Not knocking your benchmarking, it would be nice though if you showed some clarity on the testing platform used and reliability issues. The review of the PX-M2P you stated that Could you explan in more detail why consumers should take this view when its listed and marketed as a consumer SSD? If you believe this is a note worthy statement shouldn't the Corsair Performance Pro be listed as a Enterprise Drive also?
  9. Keep in mind advertising dollars are there bread and butter. So if your expecting a non bias review you should find a independent reviewer.
  10. Very interesting how Marvell seems to be gaining some major ground in the SSD market. Even Intel integrated there controller in there own 510 SSD. If you analyses the pricing on the intel 5 year warranty models, its rather obvious your paying a large premium just for a 5 year warranty. ( No Thank You! ) Corsair and Plextor seem to have a possible winner I really like the Idea of 32nm NAND on the Corsair! What I'm not sure of is the NAND flash, 25nm or 32nm...... Now you could argue that based on specifications 32nm has higher r/w capability, BUT is it fact are just marketing BS. For me and I'm sure most everyone else, they would prefer reliability and high r/w capability over just pure speed.
  11. Option to pay for a extended warranty? 2 months ago a Harddrive that cost $65.00 with a 3 year warranty are now selling for $150.00 Bucks with 2 year warranty or less. And you are suggesting we pay WD or Seagate even more for a extended warranty....You have lost your freak-en mind or have more money than sense!
  12. Harddrive prices up 150%......Warranties cut in Half! This would be a great time Not to buy spinners!
  13. I wouldn't touch any of OCZ's products.....We all know the story.......Totally Unreliable Junk! The money OCZ spends on marketing to convince consumers to buy there product must be out of this world ..... Its all coming to an end for them though, as they are having to give deep discounts just to dump there trash. They may be one of the fastest SSD, but their also known to Crash and Burn just a Quick! They've been making SSD for years, so what makes you think after all these years OCZ can turn a Turd into something of real value?
  14. Easiest way for companies to expand into other markets, is to simply purchase the competitor. There can be very deep problems which can occur with takeovers/buyouts....A great company can fall to its knees with the pressures of a takeover/buyout. There are many that have failed because of the arrogance of stupid corporate management. If your not capable of creating solutions in house, this is the route corporations take. It may be cheaper to purchase a competitor, but there does come risk of merger failures. I dont wish failure for OCZ, but based on past history it has failures.
  15. Now there's a company making all the right decisions! I challenge an American company to do the same. I would also like to add, I am a White American not a foreigner.