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    The Hard Drive Giveaway Thread!

    I would love a portable hard drive. I joined this stie today to get some feedback on the best shockproof hard drives as I have had a bit of unfortunate luck recently. Not long ago my hard drive stopped working, i always have it backed up so I brought a new 1TB WD portable hard drive so I could transfer everything from my backup hard drive to the new 1TB HD, during this the transfer stalled so I cancelled and restarted. Still no luck so I took them both to my local IT company. The new 1TB disc stopped spinning,lucky my, I purchased a dud. Worst of all, my backup hard drive had something wrong with the Master File Table and they could not recover any data!!!! I currently have this in with a data recovery speciality in the hope that I at least get my photos back. So, I'm hoping a shockproof hard drive will reduce my chances of causing damage to my hard drive when lugging it around with me. 3 hard drive failures in 1 week, what luck. Now I am in the market for an everyday use hard drive I can take around with me and a back up hard drive. It would be fantastic if you provided me with one of these.