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  1. So what has happened to the cloud driving the hdd volume sales?
  2. ChrisMcPole

    SanDisk X400 SSD Review Discussion

    Aside from m2 capacity... it's rather average or below so. In reality, there is not a single reason for anyone to buy anything but samsung at this time.
  3. ChrisMcPole

    WD Gold Datacenter HDDs Announced

    Something like Red Pro for more $$ + HeS. Gold... are they running out of colors finally?
  4. ChrisMcPole

    WD Red 8TB Review Discussion

    So it's the same speed with lower rpms, less heat, fancy new tech and a fancy red label... Who in their right mind would buy seagate over that? Well, ok, I give up, WD has won. Hey Brian, feel free to mock me
  5. ChrisMcPole

    Sony Pro 1TB HDD Review Discussion

    Relabeled samsung (seagate ST). The HDD is not soldered on the non-pro version tho.
  6. Yeah Tigerdirect was slow but at least they paid for return shipping both ways (not likely to buy anything from them again because they are so slow to deliver in Canada, but I had a store credit sitting on my account since 2011, had to have it back Also speaking of logos, just noticed the HGST have changed theirs too, quietly. I guess the end of times is finally upon us.
  7. Just got my 500gb version in. 50Hrs into being plugged in it now fails HDD pro surface test with 64 non-movable sectors. Thanks Seagate, I guess assembling your top of the line laptop drives in China does not work as well as expected for you.
  8. Nice, I was actually thinking about buying one for an older laptop, 500gb capacity that is, because 1 platter is always better than two Also the 3 year warranty, does it apply to oem drives as well? On the side note, DOM: 07/2015 and they still use the old logo...
  9. So years after the acquisition Seagate is still allowed to manufacture products under the Samsung's brand?! "The Spinpoint M10P 4TB hard drive enables this innovation with the highest aerial density, 800GB per disk in the world," said Doug DeHaan, general manager, Samsung HDD division.
  10. ChrisMcPole

    Intel SSD 750 Review Discusison

    Very niche product. Fast? yes but with that power consumption I expect it to be. Also, yet another example of over-provisioning gone wild.
  11. ChrisMcPole

    Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SSD Review

    Considering street prices, I can sense the end of 2.5'' HDDs in capacities below 1tb is close, very close in almost all form factors and but very low-end and legacy applications.
  12. ChrisMcPole

    Seagate Personal Cloud Review (2-Bay)

    That's quite useful, thanks! Also from the form factor I don't think there is any active cooling either, which makes it a great home theater addition I suppose.
  13. ChrisMcPole

    Seagate Personal Cloud Review (2-Bay)

    NAS HDD inside I assume? Also, it does not look like it's user-serviceable either?
  14. I would be curious to know if they are any less noisy than wd red pro. I can bet they are faster, but 7200...
  15. wd red pro in 5 and 6tb in 3... 2... 1...
  16. I don't know, it's the cnet review, they say the "top" is made of metal. Looks plastic to me from your photos in the review, so I would assume they goofed on this one
  17. Which means if this GTech falls on me, I would not even notice All plastic... really, a page from Seagate's most recent book, but at least their boxy NASes don't look as cheap as this one. edit: some other review suggests the top is made of metal?
  18. So there are no metal parts on this one, even the silver frame?
  19. ChrisMcPole

    Seagate NAS (2-bay) Review Discussion

    Is it still a noctua fan on this one?
  20. ChrisMcPole

    Seagate NAS (4-bay) Review Discussion

    Are you doing the Pro line review soon for comparison?
  21. WD's ssd tech is nonexistent, whatever they sell is HGST tech, unlike Seagate...
  22. Pro look like retouched Blacks with fancy software.
  23. Good, I wanna know the actual speed difference Marvell vs intel and the chassis build quality difference, if any, so don't hesitate to crack it open Also the LaCie's aluminum chassis and noctua fans are very nice. As a Mac-oriented brand it makes no sense for seagate to kill off their lineup just because they have an offering that works with mac and runs the same OS. WD is very clear about their Mac-oriented products, same applies to G-tech, even though they have gone the DAS route, obviously, but it was a rather silly move, to say the least.