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  1. I'd LOVE to have a portable hard drive. I don't have my work backed up and this would be perfect!
  2. I really need a back up drive. Maybe and early Christmas present?
  3. Yea, SERIOUSLY! Probably liquid AND fan cooled
  4. That's totally insane!
  5. Can I please have one? P.S. I'd love the Cruzer Titaniam, Lenovo, or anything metal!
  6. This is cool, but it's really a "hold you over" type of thing - nothing PERMANENT.
  7. I'd love the Ti83, but at a cheaper price.
  8. Thanks! This'll save me 10 or 15 bucks!
  9. Thanks! I love AOE and have played it for years!
  10. try Samsung or Lacie. They've got great quality!